Best Practices to Cleanse Your Data for Successful SMS Campaigns

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Marketing, Sales

The success of an SMS campaign is determined by a database that is error-free, clean, and true. A message sent and received successfully activates a process of interaction between the client and the company, where the client can react by providing valuable comments about your product, service or brand. Debug the lists of telephone numbers, guarantee a more effective SMS campaign, maximize the results and guarantee the survival of the company. This along with an effective lead management system is the key to not only your survival but your success.

The use of SMS for marketing campaigns guarantees a higher delivery rate and increases the conversion. It is important to note that SMS marketing campaigns reach more people and are more likely to generate positive responses, however to ensure success, it is necessary to maintain an updated database, with a maximum of two months old.

Benefits of having a clean database

  • Profitable campaign.
  • Generates traffic.
  • Increase competitiveness.
  • Optimal results
  • The objectives set will be easier to achieve.
  • Maximize income opportunities.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Increase business performance.
  • Controlled adjustment in each shipment.
  • Design a more successful plan.
  • Accurate focus on your target audience.
  • The message will reach the people who are waiting for it and are interested in the service.
  • Your list will decrease but it will be more effective.
  • Security that your information reaches the recipient successfully.

How to clean SMS data

There are two ways to have a clean and secure database:

Manual cleaning

  • Delete all data before loading bulk SMS list.
  • Remove users who do not respond in a long time; If you write to a user and do not respond in a reasonable time, delete it, since it is not part of your database.
  •  Eliminate those contacts with codes or numbers that are not valid.
  • Do frequent tests and analyzes to eliminate inappropriate contact.
  • Verify the number in the recruitment forms and the fields you created.
  • If you observe the same data, compare it and prove which is wrong.

Automatic data cleaning

  • Install an application that helps you debug your database and reach your customers effectively.
  • Create a database in Excel, select all the data, and go to the icon to remove duplicates. When the box appears click on delete duplicate.
  • Remove invalid phones; order from highest to lowest, verify that the numbers do not have more digits than allowed.
  • For international sending remove the prefix.
  • Eliminate the fixed numbers.
  • Use of a phone number verifier, with this device you enter the data and it will tell you if the number is real or not.

The success of an SMS campaign will depend on the neatness of its database, there are techniques to test and verify if a phone number exists or not, however it is of great importance that the data is updated to guarantee campaigns with an optimal result. Cleaning the database is essential for your campaigns, they will be more profitable if you have an organized database, and complete. With an outdated database, you will not achieve much with the best marketing strategy.

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