How to Implement an Effective Lead Management Process

Having an efficient lead management process means that you will have not only a higher return on investment (ROI), but everyone will communicate and work well together. An effective lead management process means that all lines of communication stay open in order to benefit all of those involved. Lead management systems streamline this process.

What is a lead management process?

Lead management creates a strong chain of communication between marketing and sales. Marketing identifies leads in order to educate and engage with them until they can be considered qualified. Qualified leads can then be passed on to sales to be converted from leads into sales.

How to establish an effective lead management process

An effective lead management process involves identifying, investigating, scoring, nurturing and converting your leads.

Identifying your lead sources

Identifying where your leads come from is crucial to understanding the demographics of your target market. If you can pinpoint where your quality leads stream in from you can focus your marketing efforts there to generate more leads.

Investigate your leads to collect intelligence

Investigating your leads will give you invaluable data on where your leads were captured from and who the lead is in order to better understand your target demographic. You can study the leads in order to better understand their behaviour and the way they use and interact with your content.

Scoring leads to determine their quality

The quality of a lead is based on its likelihood of conversion, and visualising this in order to understand it is made simpler by scoring them. Time is of the essence and the faster you nurture a lead the more likely it will be to convert. A sales lead management tool like Leadtrekker with a built-in sales lead alerts system will make sure this part of the process is not overlooked.

Nurturing your leads to conversion

You can use the point at which a sales lead converts within the sales process to determine what kind of nurturing of the lead prompted its conversion. Once you have established this you can reuse this strategy for leads in the future.

Lead management systems can increase your rate of conversion and your ROI. Invest in your future business success with Leadtrekker. Start your free trial today and see for yourself!