How can Leadtrekker Improve Your ROI?

How much do I spend on marketing, and how many leads does this produce?

Whether you are a business owner or a marketing manager, leads and lead conversions are your fundamental concerns in the business world. Having a strategic marketing plan is important, but ensuring that this plan produces quality leads is even more important for your Return on Investment (ROI).

How Can A Lead Management System Boost ROI?

A marketing strategy is not well defined without an effective lead management system. This is mainly because, without a system that can track and measure leads created by various platforms (digital, word or mouth, telephonically, etc.), you cannot effectively measure your ROI in relation to how much you are spending on various marketing methods.

You may be investing money into platforms that are not effective or, even worse, losing leads as a result of simply not having lead follow-up strategies in place.

The core purpose of a lead management system is to streamline the sales and marketing team so that leads are created and then, very importantly, followed-up on. This is simply because there is no point in creating leads if they do not convert into sales.

How Can Leadtrekker Improve Your ROI?

Leadtrekker is a powerful system that enables you to improve the way you manage your leads effectively, thereby ensuring that the money you are investing into your marketing campaigns is optimised. How, exactly, does Leadtrekker help you do this?

Increased Accountability

Time is of the essence. When it comes to services and products, you need to make sure that as soon as a lead is created, it is followed up on. Most leads are lost due to the fact that potential clients are not contacted in time. In our consumer based society, a potential customer will simply look for another service or product provider if they are not contacted fast enough. To ensure that money spent on creating leads is not wasted, Leadtrekker automatically assigns leads to salespeople and tracks response times so that they can contact and nurture each and every lead. This means improving the chances of lead conversion.

Explicit & Implicit Data Measurement

We believe that what gets measured can be improved. Effective marketing consists of explicit, implicit and democratic information. Without this valuable information, you cannot determine whether or not the money that you are investing in various platforms is bringing you a substantial ROI. Leadtrekker enables you to score leads by using various data sources and, at the same time, enables you to record information about the lead so that you can track where the lead comes from, how much money the lead is worth and whether or not it gets converted.

Try Leadtrekker For Free

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