Keeping Your Focus On Quality Real Estate Leads

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Sales

You’ve invested time and money into your marketing, and you’re seeing the leads coming in. That’s great, it’s what you invested in, but you will begin to realise that the number of leads isn’t adding up to better sales in most cases. That is likely because the quality of your leads isn’t what it should be. So, how do you improve the quality of your leads? Easy: by using Leadtrekker as a sales lead alerts tool.

Capture lead sources

Leadtrekker is more than just a sales leads alert tool, it is a lead management system. This is vital if you do not have a dedicated system for managing leads, because with this tool you can automatically capture lead sources from the start of the sales process.

The importance of capturing lead sources lies in the fact that it allows you to properly evaluate the value and quality of leads right away. If you think about it, leads coming from lower value areas or those who do not have the means to communicate via any source but telephonically will not be likely to afford a multi-million rand property. By being able to identify the source of your leads you can determine whether they are actually able to buy the properties they are looking into, and so cut down on time spent focusing on lower quality leads who will probably not be able to buy.

Monitor your leads

More than just automatically capturing your leads, Leadtrekker is able to help you monitor your leads through every step of the process. Everything from the number of times your sales agents have contacted a lead to how many viewings they’ve gone through will be right at your fingertips.

This will help you to identify leads who are taking up a lot of contact time but not committing to meetings, or those who are constantly viewing but never deciding. Now that you have a sales lead alert tool to point these facts out to you, you can focus your agents away from leads who display low quality and instead focus on those who are more promising – that’s just good business.

Generate quality leads

By automatically capturing sales leads and monitoring them to identify quality leads you are also identifying markers for good quality leads. Once you have enough data to identify your highest-quality lead sources and marketing campaigns, you can focus more on these areas to attract even more quality leads. If you also cut out the campaigns and sources that are bringing in low-quality leads, then you will ensure that a greater percentage of what’s coming in is likely to convert.

Try out the Leadtrekker free trial to see just how effective a sales lead alert tool can be to boosting the quality of your leads. Contact us if you’d like a demo or more information.

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