Identifying and Improving Low-Quality Leads

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As an online marketer or business owner, the number of leads your business generates is crucial to its success. However, it’s not just about the quantity of leads but also the quality that matters. Do the leads convert into actual sales, or are they pointless? This article will discuss the concept of low-quality leads, how to identify them, and ways to improve lead quality.

So, if you want your phone ringing or email bursting with potential converting customers, read on!


What Is A Low-Quality Lead?


A low-quality lead, also known as a pointless lead or a bad one,  is a prospect with very little chance of converting into a customer. These leads are not interested in your product or service, do not fit your target audience profile, or simply aren’t ready to make a purchase.


What Constitutes As A Pointless Lead? 


Pointless leads have certain characteristics that make them stand out from high-quality leads. These include:


  • The lead doesn’t come from the decision-maker in the business
  • The lead doesn’t need the product or service you’re offering
  • The lead can’t afford the product or service you’re offering
  • The lead doesn’t engage with your content
  • The lead provides fake contact information on your website contact forms
  • The business behind the lead is either too big or too small for the product or service you’re offering


4 Signs That You Are Generating Low Quality Leads


Unfortunately, you’ll usually find out that you’ve been working with low-quality leads when it’s too late. However, there are 4 signs that can indicate the quality of your leads from the beginning and how you can fix this:


#1. The Infamous Job Seeker


Job seekers often pose as potential customers to gain information or experience during an interview process. They may even request a demo or quote, wasting your time and resources with no intention of purchasing.

With a lead management system like Leadtrekker, you can build a custom report that exports all the job seekers by searching for leads with “job” in the form of messages. In the lead management system, you can set up custom URLs and capture the variables to review which campaigns are generating the employment agency level job applications and filter these out of the lead list.


#2. The “Please Send Info” Leads


You may have seen these types of leads before. They typically come in the form of an email with a simple request, “Please send me more information about your product/service.” These leads usually collect information from multiple businesses for comparison purposes and do not intend to purchase.

To avoid wasting time on these types of leads, have another look at your Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Poor targeting in these ads usually results in leads that are just fishing for information. For example, in Google Ads, keywords might have a different meaning in another industry, or they could be too broad, attracting irrelevant clicks. 


#3. Low Campaign ROI


As an online marketer or business owner, you need to know which products or services generate the most value for your customer. Generating 1000 leads for your customers who are interested in your least popular product or service is not going to benefit your business in any way. It is important to identify leads with a higher conversion potential and focus on those instead.

To do this, track each sale’s worth and source with a lead management system. By seeing which campaigns generate the most revenue, you can better allocate your resources and efforts to those that will bring higher ROI. 


#4. Low Sales Value Leads


There is nothing more frustrating than leads that start with “I can only spend an X amount of money.” These types of leads have a low potential for conversion as they are already limiting themselves in terms of budget.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this problem, as you’ll need to try exclusion and qualifying techniques to prevent the wrong type of traffic from reaching you. Some of these techniques include:


  • adding negative keywords related to the price
  • adding price extensions to your Ads campaigns
  • updating your Facebook targeting
  • changing your ad copy to better qualify your ads


How Do You Improve Your Lead Quality In South Africa?


In order to improve the quality of your leads in South Africa, you need to focus on: 


Pinpointing where all your quality leads originate from


Not only will knowing where your leads come from ensure that you don’t miss any leads, but it will also enable you to know if your marketing strategies are actually working. For example, if most of your quality leads originate from Facebook Ads, then it may be worth increasing your budget for Facebook campaigns.


Educating your sales and marketing teams on what constitutes a quality lead


If your marketing team knows the correct target audience for your product or service, they can steer specific campaigns to ensure the right target audiences are reached. The same principle relates to the sales team. They need to know exactly which leads to spend their time and energy on to maximise ROI.


Assigning leads to the right people


How does the average user search for a service? If they search for a service on Google, they will most likely fill in multiple contact forms and wait for the different service providers to contact them. If you do not assign your leads to the right sales people so that they can contact the leads ASAP, you will lose valuable sales opportunities.

A lead management software can ensure that all your leads are assigned to a salesperson and followed up to prevent valuable leads from falling through the cracks.


Constantly using gathered data.


Gathering valuable data will ensure that you make calculated decisions when it comes to sales and marketing.

For online marketing, you can use Google Analytics to see data with regard to keywords, landing pages, and goal completions. For sales, you can use Leadtrekker to look at the success rate of converted leads and analyse the steps taken to convert these leads.


Get Converting Customers Now!


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