Lead Distribution Software: A Brief Explanation

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Sales

Have you experienced leads going missing or leads being assigned to the wrong people? Perhaps your concern lies with how long it takes for leads to be assigned to a salesperson. No matter where the problem lies, if your lead distribution method is not optimised, it could be costing your business a lot of money. 

In this article, we will discuss how lead distribution software can improve your lead distribution process and increase revenue

What is Lead Distribution Software?

Lead distribution software is also known as automatic or push lead distribution. Lead distribution software automatically distributes leads as they come in according to the parameters that have been set up in the software. Some of the parameters can include the availability, experience, and speciality of a sales rep. Thus, this software works by immediately sending a lead to the correct salesperson as soon as it has been captured, allowing the sales rep to follow up on the lead immediately

The Benefits of Lead Distribution Software

There are a multitude of benefits that lead distribution software can provide a business that will increase its sales and ultimately its revenue. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to: 

  • Automatic Lead Scoring: Some lead distribution software is able to score the leads as they come in, determining whether they are even worth assigning or subsequently assigning them to a junior sales rep. This will ensure that the qualified leads receive faster responses than those that one might be wasting time with. 
  • Fair Lead Distribution: As predetermined parameters have been programmed into the software, leads are distributed according to these parameters. This ensures that no favouritism is applied or that any one salesperson is overwhelmed. 
  • Increased Lead Response Time: If leads are assigned as they are captured a salesperson can make contact with the lead immediately ensuring a quick response time. This is important as studies have shown that a lead is more likely to convert should they be contacted within the first 5 minutes after providing a company with their contact information. 
  • Reminders and Redistribution: It is important to have a reminder function on your chosen lead distribution software. This will ensure that a salesperson will be sent a reminder should they not call back in a certain amount of time. If they have not responded after a certain number of reminders one can automatically have the lead reassigned to ensure that one still has a fairly quick lead response time. 

The Best Lead Distribution Software for Your Business

Some of the best lead distribution software can be found within a CRM. This is because a CRM will be able to capture, score, and distribute your leads in one smooth action. Leads and information on reaction times will be easily accessible in one central location while allowing you to store any pertinent information about leads and customers on the database for quick and easy reference at a later stage. 

Leadtrekker is a CRM that allows for lead capturing, distribution, and redistribution should the reaction times of a salesperson be disappointing. To find out more about how Leadtrekker can benefit your business, contact us or feel free to book a demo

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