How to Increase Lead Conversion: 5 Effective Strategies

by | May 19, 2022 | Sales

When growing a business, it is important to ensure that you are consistently converting leads into customers. However, many sit back and wonder how they can achieve this in a simple and effective manner. In this article, we will discuss how to increase lead conversion and ensure your business succeeds.

Conversion Rates vs Lead Conversion

A conversion rate can be defined as the number of people visiting a website and completing a predefined action, such as clicking on and or subscribing to an email list. Thus, not everyone who visits your website will count towards your conversion rate as they must first perform an action. A lead conversion, however, is a lead that has been converted from being a lead into becoming a customer. The one (conversion rate) always precedes the other (lead conversion).

What Causes Conversion Rates to Increase?

There are a few steps one can take to increase your conversion rate on your website. The first is to ensure that your website is user-friendly. For example, it should be easy for visitors to navigate your website, the pages on your website should never take too long to load, the layout of your pages are optimised for maximum impact, and ensure the value proposition is very noticeable and clear.

How to Convert More Leads

Once you have collected a list of leads, it is important to ensure that you convert those leads into actual sales and long term customers. There are 5 effective methods that one can apply to ensure your lead conventions increase, growing your business with ease. These 5 effective strategies consist of:

1.   Nurture Your Leads

Lead nurturing can be implemented by making use of software that has been specifically designed to guide leads through the stages of selling and eventually converting them into a buyer. The most important aspect of lead nurturing is to convince the lead to trust your brand, which is what one’s nurturing strategy should be centred on.

2.   Increase Lead Quality

The old saying of “quality is better than quantity”, is as applicable in lead conversion as in all other aspects of life. Thus, it is important to increase one’s standard of what is considered a quality lead. Thus the number of definers for lead qualification should increase.

3.   Score Your Leads

Lead scoring is the practice of adding up all the actions a lead takes. It is presumed that the more actions they take, the more interested they are in a product or service, and the easier the sale would be. Thus, it is important to rate each lead and contact those who are most interested in your product or service first.

4.   Follow-Up ASAP

Statistics have shown that the faster one follows up or reacts to a lead the better one’s chances are of making a sale. Thus, it is important to react as soon as possible and not let a lead sit for too long, allowing competitors to sweep in and steal a potential client.

5.   Invest in a CRM

A CRM, otherwise known as a Client Relationship Management system, is the perfect tool with which to increase lead conversions. It allows you to create the perfect landing page, capture leads, assign leads, send notifications, escalate leads that haven’t been attended to fast enough, measure a business’s marketing ROI, and compile reports.

Leadtrekker is a CRM system that can do this and more. To find out more about how you can increase your lead conversions with the assistance of a CRM, contact the team at Leadtrekker.

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