The Benefits of Becoming a Leadtrekker Partner

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Marketing

Leadtrekker’s partner program was specifically designed to help Agencies solve the following client problems:

“My clients don’t tell me how many leads they receive.”

You can proactively monitor your clients’ the marketing efforts and the exact number of leads they receive by setting up triggers. Triggers notify you there are no leads captured on Leadtrekker for a specific time period. This enables you to proactively manage your clients and make the necessary adjustments either to their marketing campaigns or fix the bugs that might be on the websites’ online forms.
You can also mimic / log in as the client to ensure their leads are correctly logged onto the system.

“My clients don’t measure the exact return on investment (ROI) of their marketing efforts.”

As an agency, your success is entirely dependent on how successful your clients ‘think’ your marketing efforts are. The key here is to educate and empower your clients to keep track and measure all the business leads that are generated from all the various lead generation sources. By using Leadtrekker, you can accurately show them the ROI of their marketing campaigns, such as Facebook or Google Ads.

The other benefits of becoming a Leadtrekker partner are:

You can add value to your clients by becoming an expert with lead conversion.

As an agency, you can help your clients by educating them on how to manage and nurture their leads on Leadtrekker. Leadtrekker measures the time it takes for the sales agents to get back to leads and you can also set up non-contacted escalations (NCE) for leads that have not been contacted within a specific time period. This simple step can help to improve the lead conversion rate. You can also take some time to help clients automate their entire sales process on Leadtrekker.

Billing your clients is really easy with Leadtrekker.

Earning passive income might not be the main reason to consider Leadtrekker but it makes business sense. Leadtrekker will generate a monthly billing report that can you use to easily bill your clients. Become a Leadtrekker partner today!

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