Join the Leadtrekker Partner Program

Anyone can become a Leadtrekker partner. Whether you are a one-man-band that runs your own startup agency or you are a large agency that deals with well-known companies, reselling Leadtrekker can benefit you. All Leadtrekker partners receive a 30% rebate on all of their client’s user licence fees.

Benefits Of Leadtrekker For Agencies

Measure ROI For
All Campaigns

Leadtrekker has rich reporting
capabilities, which enables you to
measure and improve ROI for all
marketing client campaigns.

Easy Website

Leadtrekker features a powerful API
that allows for various technologies
to integrate with the system.

Receive Automatic
Lead Alerts

Leadtrekker can alert you if a client
does not receive any leads for a
specific number of days.

Client Portal

Leadtrekker’s user-friendly portal
enables easy client management
for agencies.

Code Monitoring

Monitor snippets of code on a
client’s website and receive
notifications whenever there is
a mismatch of the code.

Monitor Websites

Monitor websites and receive
notifications whenever a website
becomes unavailable.

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