3 Simple Ways to Help Improve the Lead Quality in Your Database

Once your lead generation strategies start getting some serious traction and the number of sales leads that are generated on your website increase, your next logical step is to sharpen your pencil when it comes to the quality of the leads.

Most people who deal with leads on a daily basis agree that higher quality leads are more valuable than to a higher volumes of leads.

The question is, how can you improve quality of the leads that you receive?

Here are three most common ways to improve the quality of your sales leads:

1) Ensure that your digital marketing efforts are laser focused to attract your ideal clients.

Let your marketing agency know the type of leads you’re receiving so they can make constant adjustments to your marketing campaign. They need to know who your target market is. To avoid attracting the wrong target market, you can  use negative keywords or improve your advert copy so that it relates to your ideal clients.

Your digital marketing agency will test various strategies to see which ones deliver the best results. Rest assured, they will learn from these experiments and implement the changes to your campaign to ensure it delivers better results.

2) Set up your online web forms to eliminate some of the bad quality leads before they land up in you lead database.

This is where your website development company should bring their expertise to the table. They should typically implement basic SPAM preventing methods like Captcha to ensure you don’t get false leads from Internet Spambots. They should also look at other logical and complex methods to ensure only your ideal clients complete the online form.

For example: If your ideal client is a buyer for a company as opposed to individuals, you can implement the following checks on the form to prevent specific users from submitting the form:

  • Have a dropdown selecting your company size
    • 1 Employee (Individual)
    • 2-10 Employees
    • 11-50 Employees
  • You can prevent someone from submitting a form using a @gmail.com address too.

3) Constantly nurture the leads in your database using a lead management tool

Up until this point, you’ve done your best to find your ideal client on the Internet, send them to your website and get them to engage with you. Thus you’ve spend a lot of time, money and effort to get the sales lead into your database.

Despite targeting efforts, bad quality leads may have slipped through the cracks. The best way to improve the situation is to constantly refine the process of how the leads land up in your database. Your best bet is to communicate with your website development company and digital marketing company about the quality of the leads you’re receiving.

Eliminate the bad quality leads from your database to ensure you only spend time on the leads that have a high probability to convert.

The next crucial step is to use a business lead management system is to manage and nurture your high quality leads.

Here are a few additional tips to improve the quality of your leads even more:

  • Contact the lead within 5-10 minutes of initial engagement.
  • Ensure that the sales lead is aware that you’re dealing with his query.
  • Set up reminders to ensure that you contact the lead again.
  • Make constant notes about the interactions you’ve had with the lead.
  • Ensure leads are escalated to a manager or passed to another person if there is no movement within a predefined time period.

If you can implement all there these methods, your lead database will contain quality lead, which will increase upselling or cross selling opportunities and, most importantly, turning those leads into $$$$.