3 Ways Leadtrekker can Help You be More Proactive as a Digital Marketing Company

If you have worked in inbound marketing you know that the struggle with leads is real. The amount of issues that can influence your campaigns is endless. In this article, we are attempting to point out how Leadtrekker has improved some of our digital marketing agency’s relationships with clients through basic Leadtrekker features.

Here is our way of improving your Agency performance:

1. Automatic Leads Alerts

Through this tool, Leadtrekker sends the agency’s account managers an email to inform them on whether or not there were any leads over a specific period of time. This information will help the account manager to investigate the reason behind no or few leads. Here is a good process to follow:

  • Check all website contact forms. Make sure that they are being submitted correctly and that there is no reason to prohibit the user to fill in the form.
  • Check website loading speed on Mobile & Desktop
  • Check all PPC campaigns, it is vital that you check the URL destinations or just double check if your ads were paused due to technicality issues.
  • Check all PPC daily budgets
  • Check Lead Management integration

2. Conversion tracking & Cost per Conversion

  • Tracking lead conversion is not all that difficult, but knowing what each lead is worth provides the agency and the client the opportunity to refine their campaign to one that creates quality leads with actual sales and cost per sale. With Leadtrekker, custom URL tracking can provide rich information. This can include a campaign name, Ad Group, Keyword, Social media ad, or specific image or a certain link on a newsletter.
  • As they say, the proof is in the pudding: this feature helps the agency prove real ROI without educated guessing or hoping. With Leadtrekker each lead’s worth can be measured and therefore every digital campaign can be measured accordingly.

3. Email & lead Management issues

One of the most frustrating things for an agency is when a client’s leads end up in someone’s trash or junk mail.

  • Leadtrekker provides SMS and email notification with an interactive dashboard, creating fast response habits.
  • This will help the client manage their leads better, improve their response time and improve conversions.
  • Everyone is held responsible through Leadtrekker because stats don’t lie!