5 Ways Leadtrekker Helps Business Development

New business development is a phrase that encapsulates the different aspects – and frustrations – of the sales process.

In its most basic form, new business development refers to capturing, responding to and managing leads in order to reach a set sales target. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that not all leads are attended to with the same urgency.

Here are a few difficulties we’ve faced in our own sales process with regards to lead management, as well as how a simple lead management system will address issues:

1.       Emailed leads falling through the cracks

Automatic lead capture ensures that all potential clients are recorded on one central database. The entire sales team receives a notification via email that a new lead has been submitted, and the lead gets assigned to the correct sales person automatically. The system sends an sms to the sales person who the lead is assigned to.

So no more leads will be sent to a (mostly ignored) spam folder!

2.       Phone call leads never reaching the correct person

Leads can easily be captured / manually created on Leadtrekker, and assigned to the correct person. The same notification procedure as above applies.  The time where little scraps of paper are used to pass phone messages along are long gone, and most instant messaging apps (such as Skype or Whatsapp) are submitted to a continuous stream of traffic, making it easy to overlook a message. Leadtrekker is an incredibly user-friendly way of ensuring leads are well-documented and attended to.

3.       Delays in responding to leads

Upon being assigned a lead, the first interaction with the Leadtrekker system would be to mark the lead as contacted. Leadtrekker has a built in timer providing real-time reports on how timeously each member of the sales team responds to leads. If the lead is not attended to within a specific timeframe, a notification will be sent out to all relevant team members, and the lead can me automatically reassigned to another sales person.

4.       No further action taken on leads after initial contact

Leadtrekker offers customizable escalations; this means that if a lead has been marked as contacted but remains in a specific status (such as pending / awaiting client feedback / client was not available) for a specific time, both the sales person and the team manager will receive an escalation notification. This reminds the team to follow up on leads continuously.

(Which reminds me – the statuses set on Leadtrekker are also customizable, fitting in with your sales funnel process!)

5.       Sales managers who are a bottle-neck in the distribution of leads to the sales team

As discussed above, assignment of leads can be an automated process based on the source of the lead or the specific product the user is interested in. The sales person will receive all the relevant information to handle the lead via the Leadtrekker system.

There are many more advantages to implementing Leadtrekker as your lead management tool, such a mobile friendly approach, easy to use reporting and a comprehensive dashboard.

Sign up and create a free demo account, automatic lead management has never been easier!