5 Ways that Leadtrekker Will Improve Sales Automation

As business owners, we have all heard the term Sales Automation. But what does it really mean?

Well, to put it simply, Sales Automation is a process of systemising business sales by using software to:

  • share information
  • control sales processes
  • manage customers
  • manage sales pipeline forecasting
  • keep tabs on sales targets
  • report on marketing efforts

Here are 5 ways that Leadtrekker helps its clients improve their Sales Automation processes:

1.Automated Lead Capturing

Apart from capturing leads manually, Leadtrekker also boasts a powerful remote API that empowers its users to capture leads from multiple website sources automatically.

2.Automated Lead Assignment

Leads that are captured in the system can be assigned to a specific sales representative automatically, based on the source of the lead. By making use of this great feature, clients can avoid the tedious task of contacting a centralized person who assigns all the leads.


Switching on the Auto Responder feature to a source immediately notifies a lead via SMS and/or Email that their query has been received and that it is currently being handled by a sales representative. In doing so it proves that leads are being handled by a well-organised company.

4.Visual Pipeline and Target Statistics

The Sales Forecasting Dashboard widgets offer a great way for users to monitor their Sales Pipeline and Sales Targets Progression.

5.Insightful Reporting

Apart from the powerful CFR (Custom Field Reporting) features, users can also easily get very insightful reporting on lead acquisition based on the source of the lead.

Even though we have only touched on the 5 ways Leadtrekker improves Sales Automation, there is a boatload of additional benefits waiting to help your business, big or small, improve Sales Automation instantly.