5 Ways to Capture Leads on Your Website

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Marketing

Your website shouldn’t only be something that is pretty to look at and provides the user with information; although these are very important. Your website should also function to bring in leads that ultimately increase your sales and revenue. So how do you make your website work for you?

In this article, we will explain 5 ways to capture leads on your website!

5 Lead Capture Examples that Work

Digital marketing methods such as Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and SEO can steer traffic to your website but you still need to convert those website visitors into leads. Capturing leads on your website is simple if you make use of the correct methods. 5 of the most effective lead-capturing methods consist of:

  • Invest in a Lead Magnet: A lead magnet will typically consist of something like an extensive guide on how to do something, an e-book, or any extremely valuable information that the user needs. This information is given to the user in exchange for their contact information. It should be mentioned that if a lead magnet does not provide the valuable information that has been promised, it could cause a loss of trust in a company.
  • Offer a Free Demo: A free demo is a fantastic way to capture leads as it provides the potential client with in-depth knowledge and experience of service before deciding to purchase the product. Most users will happily give their contact information away in exchange for a chance to “experience” the product or service they are interested in. We make use of this method at Leadtrekker!
  • Give a Free Trial: A free trial takes it one step further than a demo. Sure a demo shows you what the capability of a product or service could be but a free trial allows the user to discover whether the product is really user-friendly and will solve their specific problem. When signing up for a free trial users will provide you with their contact information; giving you the opportunity to contact them during their trial to see how things are going and sell your product even further.
  • Create Great Content: When creating engaging and informative content you have the opportunity to show the user that you have knowledge and authority within your field. It also shows them that you are willing to share information with them at no cost whatsoever.
  • Don’t Forget CTA’s: Never forget to include great CTA’s (Calls To Action) on your website! It is important to make your CTA’s direct and unique, prompting the user to sign up for a newsletter, fill in a contact form, book a demo, or try a free trial. CTA’s direct users to where you want them to go on your website and encourage them to take the actions that you want them to take.

The Importance of Lead Capturing Tools

You can capture as many leads as you want; however, if you do not have a lead capturing tool such as a CRM to help you streamline your process, they might get lost in the chaos. Leadtrekker is a CRM that is able to store all your captured leads in a central location, assign leads to the correct sales representative, send reminders if leads aren’t contacted in a timely manner, and re-assign those leads if need be. Organisation is key and an effective CRM is the way to success.

Contact our team to find out more about how Leadtrekker can help you convert your leads into sales!

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