5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads

A huge influx of leads is great but it is an unfortunate reality that only about 20 per cent of these (if you are lucky) convert to sales. Leadtrekker can improve this by helping you assign, track and nurture your leads until conversion. But it’s not all about quantity – you are after quality leads.

1.Don’t chase a lost cause

A quality lead is not one who is not ready to invest in your product nor is it one that is not interested at all. Don’t waste your time chasing leads that are unfeasible. Rather use this time to refocus your marketing efforts to engage the right audience so that you ensure a higher percentage of quality leads or interested buyers.

2.Have a solid strategy

Leadtrekker does the capturing of leads for you. The generating and nurturing remains the companies’ responsibility. Your different teams all need to be on the same page to ensure you are able to take advantage of every quality lead you generate in order to convert it to a sale.

3.Use LinkedIn

Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn and its ability to help you generate leads. LinkedIn is a professional platform where professionals interact. The tone has already been set; LinkedIn users are people buying and selling products and services and their ability to do so is reflected here. Business owners are connecting with other professionals and because it is a career platform used by over 400 million people, you are bound to hook someone with your business proposal.

4.Use long-tail keywords

By making use of long-tail keywords you target audiences that have specifically searched for services relevant to those you offer in your area. Given the location options on all smartphones, potential customers who are physically closest to you will be the most viable option for leads.

5.Invest in a quality lead management system

By investing in a quality lead management system like Leadtrekker you can easily track leads and determine which leads are feasible and which are not. This system makes sense of the influx you will get after implementing a successful marketing strategy. Leadtrekker sets up a client database and automatically captures leads so all you have to worry about is nurturing them to result in sales. Invest in sales leads software to never lose a lead again.