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A Killer Business Leads Management System for Rookies

As a sales team leader, you may find yourself investing a lot of your time on training the new members of your team. Team leaders of growing businesses may be affected even more so as sales teams grow in numbers. In order to save yourself on the precious time it takes for you to train new members, or to learn a new system yourself, why not invest in a killer business leads management system? A user-friendly system for rookies and professionals alike!

A Beginner’s Guide to Business Lead Management

For people who are new to the concept of “business lead management”, here are a few things that should be noted before heading onto the practical component of the process.

Lead management – having a system in place whereby sales opportunities are organised in a specific way in order to keep track of each and every lead throughout the sales funnel.

Lead capturing – taking down and storing information from incoming leads, especially their contact details, in order to follow up with them, make a sale or go through a nurturing process. Lead details can be automatically or manually captured depending on where they are coming from and what systems you have in place.

Lead nurturing – this is the stage where leads who have not been sold to or convinced fall into. These leads must make their way through a process where they are contacted using various marketing campaigns and tactics to persuade them to buy, leads should never be wasted (due to being ignored) or discarded.

Lead conversion – this is when a lead has been successfully converted into a new customer. “New customer” meaning that you have made a sale! This new customer’s details should still be stored and used to create a loyal customer through cross-selling or promotional campaigns to make even more sales.

Implementing and Effective and Efficient System

Once the importance of the above lead management concepts have fully sunk in, you need to implement a system that will help you successfully maintain all of them. The best way to effectively work on lead management, capturing, nurturing and conversion is through a single-source platform like Leadtrekker.

Leadtrekker has put together various features and functionalities onto one lead management software solution in order to help businesses streamline the way they deal with sales opportunities. Leadtrekker for Business is also user-friendly for you and your new team members and can be easily integrated into your website to automatically capture precious leads. Leadtrekker will therefore:

  • Save you time in training your sales team on multiple processes
  • Give you a single source solution that enables you to successfully manage your leads
  • Assist rookie sales people to easily understand all the important elements of lead management
  • Hold all sales people accountable for their assigned leads

For the killer business lead management system for rookies, start saving time and money with a free trial from Leadtrekker.