CRM South Africa Tips: How to Follow Up on Sales Leads

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Sales

As a CRM for South African businesses, Leadtrekker understands how your local business works! This means that we can give relevant tips and provide features that cater to the locals. Leadtrekker can not only help you capture leads, but it can also help you manage them whilst keeping your team up to date.

Once your leads are captured and you’re ready to make contact, how do you follow up without irritating them and potentially chasing them away?

How Do You Follow Up on Leads?

Getting your lead to commit may take a little encouragement from your end, but you don’t want to come across as desperate or pushy. There are a few easy ways to follow up on your sales leads without hounding them.

Choose the Right Channel of Communication

When you first make contact with your lead (whether it’s via phone or email), ask them if they prefer to be called or emailed. Each channel has its pros and cons. There’s nothing worse for busy people and introverts to be bombarded by phone calls, but phone calls can help build rapport and thus, better relationships. Emails can be ignored or even marked as spam, but they can also contain images of products, and a lot more information that can be referred back to.

Add Value with Your Communication

Follow-ups can just sound like another sales pitch, and if your lead came to you, they’re probably already aware of what your product or service has to offer. Try tailoring your follow-up as much as possible to fit with your lead, for example:

  • If you can, find out as much as possible about your lead
  • Tailor your follow-up to tie in with their interests or needs
  • You can identify pain points that they may encounter and then offer up how your product or service will provide a solution

Ask lots of questions and pay attention so that you can add in a personal touch the next time you speak to them. By making it more personal, your lead who has converted into a customer, is more likely to give you return business or recommend you to others.

Track When You Followed Up Last

We’ve all experienced it; it can be exceptionally frustrating if a salesperson doesn’t leave you alone. Don’t follow up too often, or you will scare off your lead. The best way to keep track of your communication with clients is to use a CRM like Leadtrekker. Leadtrekker has lots of great features to help you keep track of you leads, such as creating statuses so you can easily keep track of sales process as it relates to each individual lead, creating notes, set email or SMS reminders and much more.

Leadtrekker is a powerful, feature rich CRM system that will give your team the tools it needs for professional and automated communication to your prospects and teammates. For more information or to request a demo, contact our experts!

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