CRM South Africa: What Can Leadtrekker Do for You?

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Sales

Leadtrekker has positioned itself as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that South African businesses can use with ease, no matter how big or small their operation. In order to maximise sales and optimise business processes, a CRM is a necessity. Leadtrekker is going into the New Year with the promise of exciting new features that will give businesses the tools they need to tackle every opportunity and convert more potential leads into loyal customers.

Features of the Best CRMs

Many businesses have yet to understand the benefits of a quality CRM. A CRM saves time, money, and resources by automating many processes, providing a visual representation of leads by showing where they are in the sales pipeline, by way of a user-friendly, multi-dimensional platform that can be used for various industries for different purposes.

Leadtrekker offers all these benefits and additional features that can streamline business processes, and give sales teams a centralised platform to improve communication both internally and also, more importantly, with their leads. A solid customer relationship management approach will ensure that clients stay loyal to your brand and that new business leads are being nurtured accordingly. It also improves accountability within teams.

What makes Leadtrekker an Effective CRM?

Secure, cloud-based platform

Data in any company is extremely valuable for multiple reasons, so it’s imperative that it’s stored safely. Leadtrekker offers a safe platform that can be customised with specific permissions between teams or individual users. It acts as a secure database for all information that it automatically captures, as well as any information added manually by users.

Easy Website Integration

Leadtrekker can be easily integrated with websites and landing pages, making it quick to get started. Once a demo has been done, Leadtrekker can be easily integrated by your team, or by the expert Leadtrekker team, depending on your requirements. Training is then offered to ensure that all users can benefit from Leadtrekker’s features effectively.

Affordable CRM Software

Leadtrekker has an obligation-free monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any point. It works on a pay-per-user system at only R 220 per user per month with no credit card required to test the software.

Efficient Activity Management

Leadtrekker has features that include reminders, automatic responses, automatic assignments, notifications and more. Each of these features is designed to ensure that leads are never forgotten or falling through the cracks.

Leadtrekker will give your team the tools it needs to ensure CRM success. For more information or to request a demo, contact our experts!

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