How a Lead Magnet Can Yield Results

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Marketing

A lead magnet is a way by which one can convert website visitors into leads. This is extremely valuable as leads provide your sales team with the opportunity to make further sales. In this article, we will discuss how to create a valuable lead magnet that delivers results. 

Are Lead Magnets Effective? 

Yes, lead magnets can be extremely effective when trying to convert readers into leads. However, for a lead magnet to be effective it needs to be something that readers truly want and need. If you are not providing them with something of value, they will not part with their contact information. For example, it would be silly of a makeup store to give out free samples of firelighters, in exchange for one’s contact details. This is because these customers aren’t their target market. However, if the same store were to give away a free sample of concealer in exchange for contact details, they will be successful in gathering a large number of possible leads. The same concept applies to digital lead magnets. 

How Does a Lead Magnet Work? 

A lead magnet works by providing a user with free information or tools, in exchange for their contact details and permission to contact them with other offers. Once you have this contact information you have the opportunity of converting these leads into sales. Though this might sound easy, it can be tricky to design the perfect lead magnet that is successful. 

What Do You Put in a Lead Magnet?

So, what do you include in a lead magnet to make it truly appealing? Well, there are a few steps that you can follow to discover what the perfect “giveaway” would be. No matter the industry, there will always be some piece of information or tool that will work perfectly. 

  • Understand Your Audience: It is important to understand your audience and who your ideal customer is. This way you will be able to delineate who you are “talking” to and what type of information they want and need. It is advisable to ask yourself questions such as; Does your audience care about this information? Does it provide them with value that they can’t find somewhere else? Will it solve a problem they might be facing? 
  • Perform Research: Once you have answered these questions, it is important to perform research to ensure that what you are planning to give them isn’t just what you are interested in but that is actually something that THEY want. One way to do this is to look at what is already a best-selling product or service in your business. You can then create a lead magnet based on this product or service. 
  • Compile Something of Worth: Once you have done your research and found something that is truly appealing to your audience, it is time to compile your lead magnet. Be sure to give extensive knowledge when you do this. The last thing you want is for a user to provide you with their contact information thinking they are receiving something of value and then being disappointed. If this happens it could sour the user’s opinion of your business. 
  • Promote Your Lead Magnet: Once you have created your lead magnet you have to promote it. Do this by making use of social media posts, blogs, and other means through which users typically find your website. 

Now that you have a long list of leads that you have gathered from your lead magnet, it is important to store this information and follow up on these leads as quickly as possible. A CRM such as Leadtrekker is a great way to ensure you store all of your leads securely and are able to make contact with these users in a timely manner.

Contact the Leadtrekker team to find out more about how you can effectively make use of the leads you have gathered.

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