How Do You Successfully Manage Sales Leads?

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Marketing, Sales

The best means of successfully managing your leads is to implement a lead management process and ensure the whole sales team sticks to it. The strategy you choose should promise a high ROI and improve communication within the team. There are three crucial stages the team must complete in order to secure the conversion of a lead. Read on to find out what they are and how a lead management process and system can help your team successfully manage sales leads.

Lead Generation – Kicking off the Lead Management Process

It all starts with lead generation, but this is only the first step. More than half of all leads will never convert if the sales lead management process is not effective or followed properly. Leads ready to advance into the sales funnel will be fed into sales. There are many means of lead generation, with everything from print marketing to social media. However it may be that potential leads hear about your business, you need a means of logging all the leads that enter the sales funnel in order to convert all of your potentials leads. Identifying the source of your leads is crucial to your future marketing campaigns which is made easy with Leadtrekker. Leadtrekker allows you to seamlessly log all of your potential leads, with details like what channel brought them to you as well as when, to help you determine the quality of the lead. This way the sales team know when to follow up as dictated by the sales process in place.

Sales and Lead Management

Leadtrekker can help you to identify the winning recipe of when, how, where and what it takes to convert a lead. This may not happen on the first, second or even third try. This is what makes lead nurturing so important.

Lead Nurturing to Successfully Manage Sales Leads

In order to close a sale, you need to ensure you don’t forget about any potential conversions. Leadtrekker gives you notifications of leads that have not been followed up on. If it is left for a set period of time, a superior will be informed and handle the situation accordingly. How do you successfully manage sales leads? You use Leadtrekker, of course. Start your free trial today!

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