How Much Does a CRM System Cost?

by | May 2, 2021 | Sales

Much like with any type of product offering, whether it’s a software or a tangible product, prices will always vary between brands. Typically, CRM systems can be rather budget-heavy, with lengthy obligatory contracts that need to be fulfilled; if users do want to cancel their subscriptions, they may be forced to pay hefty cancellation fees. CRM software costs in South Africa may also fluctuate if users have subscribed to an international provider – the foreign currency makes it difficult to know exactly what the CRM software figure will look like on budgets, when the rand keeps dipping.

There are multiple reasons why you would be better off sourcing your CRM system locally.

Introducing CRM Software from Leadtrekker

Leadtrekker provides a cloud-based CRM system that gives users easy access to all customer data, including sales opportunities, notes on customers and potential leads, and much more. It can be easily integrated with websites and landing pages, making it an efficient and effective system from day one. From the minute that a lead shows an interest in your product / service and makes contact with you, Leadtrekker will be there to assist.

With Leadtrekker, you’ll always know how much to budget for on a monthly basis, as there is a flat-rate fee that is paid monthly, with no additional or hidden costs. It also allows users to pay on a month-to-month basis, without drawn-out contracts.

Why Choose Leadtrekker?

  • Automatic Lead Assignment: Leadtrekker can automatically assign leads to the relevant sales people according to your preferences, so that those leads don’t go unnoticed.
  • Automatic Responses: It can send optional emails and SMSs automatically once the lead has made contact, simultaneously sending automated notifications to the person to whom the lead has been assigned.
  • Distribute Leads Fairly: It can also be configured to equally distribute leads between sales people in a round-robin process.
  • Easy Integration: It offers seamless integration with multiple platforms.
  • Track Response Times: It can keep track of the time your sales team took to contact a lead.

A cloud-based CRM system like Leadtrekker will provide convenience and enhance productivity in multiple ways. The CRM software will allow teams to work from anywhere, using real-time information. CRM software will also allow your team to:

  • Keep up with lead flow
  • Constantly stay in touch with customer data on a user-friendly platform
  • Monitor the productivity of your sales team
  • Improve customer service
  • Nurture leads constantly
  • Provide accurate and valuable reporting
  • Track ROI on marketing campaigns and improve them using the data collected
  • Much, much more

Diverse CRM software like Leadtrekker will give your business the tools it needs for improved customer relations from lead to return-customer. Leadtrekker is an effective modern CRM that can be used in businesses of all sizes. With so many great features, Leadtrekker allows businesses to take their productivity and customer relationships to the next level. Contact us for a demo or visit our website to find out more.

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