How to Accurately Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is not a new concept, however, it is still one that a lot of marketers approach with care, mainly because seeing is believing. This can be tricky because seeing your own Facebook ads or Google Display campaign (or even the effectiveness of these campaigns) is not always possible.

Here are some steps that I use to help measure my digital marketing efforts:

1. Track Google Ads

Google Ads provides you with the option of using ValueTrack parameters. It is compatible with both Search and Display networks. With ValueTrack parameters you can track the following: Campaigns, Ads, Keywords, Ad Groups, Locations or devices. This data is sent to your site & can be tracked within your third-party tools like Leadtrekker.

2. Track Newsletters

Newsletters are a valuable part of a lot of marketing campaigns, therefore, it is absolutely essential that you measure the lead conversions. Here is how you can track clicks & conversions accurately using Google Analytics and a third-party lead Management System similar to Leadtrekker:

  • Create a custom URL for link on the newsletter using Google’s Custom URL builder
  • Name every newsletter & link differently to ensure top quality measurements. This can help you to see which CTAs were responsible for the actual lead or sale.
  • Set your LMS up correctly to ensure that the data is captured correctly. 

3. Track Facebook Campaigns

Facebook ads are continuously changing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay up to date with all the changes. Facebook/Instagram is visually orientated, which is why we would like to know which image, for instance, in a carousel ad created any leads or sales. This can help you improve future Facebook image designs and online data. How to set it up:

  1. Ensure your LMS is ready to capture the new data
    • Create a custom URL for every image  in the carousel ad using Google’s Custom URL builder. I’ll advise you to the same for articles posted to Facebook & boost posts.
  2. Every lead must capture the following (example):
Campaign Source Example: utm_source= Facebook
Campaign Medium Example: utm_medium= Carousal Ads
Campaign Term Example: utm_term= Carousal Ads
Campaign Content Examplesutm_content= twoengagement rings IMG 1
Campaign Name Exampleutm_campaign= 40% off


Setting up tracking can be a little tricky, therefore make sure you have a trusted agency or personnel equipped to do so.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Leadtrekker for support.