How to Generate Leads for Property Sales

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Sales

The real estate industry is fast-paced and demanding; there are many different clients with unique needs, multiple properties to manage in various areas, and leads constantly coming in that need to be managed. If there aren’t leads coming in, however, then it’s time to rework your strategy as a real estate agent to ensure that you are generating leads, and then managing them correctly.

How To Generate Leads For Property Sales

Due to the current economic climate, property leads may be coming in at a slower rate. This means that more effort will be needed to put into generating property leads.


Being a real estate agent, building sustainable and authentic relationships is important. Speaking to people at social events and business functions can be massively useful for spreading the word about your profession and where your focus lies. You can also speak to other local businesses about partnering up, for example: real estate agents often make use of home cleaning companies to ensure that the home is presentable enough to go on show. It may be beneficial to form a partnership with a cleaning company so that you can piggy back off of each other.


As with any industry, if you aren’t creating awareness, you’re unlikely to be seen or heard. There are multiple different routes and platforms that you can use for effective advertising. Some of these include:

  • Billboards
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Google ads
  • posts on local real estate websites


Generate interest in your open houses by showing off their availability on the street. People are naturally inclined to notice signage on the side of the road; whether it’s to showcase that there is an open house available, or to indicate that you are the real estate agent to call in the area, signage is important in this industry.

A Functional Website

The way you’re going to bring all these leads to you is to provide them with a website so that they can get in touch with you. Using an online form, your leads can make contact and let you know that they’re interested in your services. Having a website in 2020 is imperative for successful business.

Capturing Property Leads Effectively

Once you’ve used some of the abovementioned techniques and implemented some of your own lead generation tools, you’ll need an effective system to automatically capture your real estate leads for you. Here’s where Leadtrekker comes in. Leadtrekker can be integrated with your website and used to automatically capture the leads that fill out your form.

Leadtrekker has been designed to automatically capture leads logged online. This means that the main influx of leads will be automatically logged in the database. The source of the lead and contact details will be logged so that the real estate agent can follow up as soon as possible. This allows your business to build a client database and a contact database to use in the future.

There are a host of benefits for using Leadtrekker, so get in touch for a free demo!

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