Lead Routing Software: What Does it Do?

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Marketing

Lead routing is also known as lead assignment which is the process of distributing and assigning leads amongst team members, according to (multiple) different factors. Lead assignment is only necessary when there is more than one person / team / branch / department.

A small company comprised of only one of these will not require lead routing software to assist with lead assignment. In larger cases, the possibilities of where, or to whom, a lead is assigned are almost endless.

Some examples of where or how leads can be assigned:

  • Between different departments: There are often many different departments within a business or company. An example would be a car service company. For leads looking for tyres, their queries and contact details would need to go to the relevant tyre sales department to get sent a quote. A parts department lead should end up in the parts department. Oftentimes, sales departments will be the main department that handles all sales queries, bringing us to our next point.
  • Between different sales people: In order to be fair to your sales team, your leads should be distributed and assigned equally. Within a department, leads can be assigned per person in a round-robin This ensures that each sales person is given equal opportunity i.e. balanced workload, commission, etc.
  • Between relevant locations: Leads can be assigned to their relevant locations. For example, if someone is based in Cape Town, the lead won’t be assigned to someone in the Johannesburg office.

Automated Lead Assignment

Leadtrekker has a custom automated lead assignment feature that allows users to set up the fair round-robin approach quickly and easily. Leads can be assigned in each of the ways mentioned above, and more, according to your business’ needs. Leadtrekker also provides automatic SMS and/or email alerts once a lead has been assigned, so that the person to whom it’s been allocated is aware that they have a new lead to manage.

To further stop the lead from falling through the cracks, Leadtrekker can be designed to re-assign leads if no actions have been taken after a specific amount of time. It can be set so that management is notified of the re-assignment. This feature:

  • Improves accountability
  • Increases productivity
  • Boosts response time

Leads will be captured automatically using your web form, or they can be added manually if the lead came from an alternative source. From here, you can customise your Leadtrekker platform to automatically respond to your lead via SMS and/or email.

Leadtrekker is the ultimate lead management tool you need in order to effectively capture, distribute and nurture your leads. Book a demo, or contact us for more information on revolutionising your business processes.

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