Leadtrekker: Enhancing Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are actively used by millions of people every day. This makes it the perfect place to strengthen a brand and generate leads.

How to generate leads with social media

There are many techniques you can use to improve your lead generation with social media on multiple platforms. Some have proved to be more effective than others. The huge advantage of social media marketing that cannot be overlooked is the fact that it can save your business money while increasing the number of leads you receive and (if captured and converted) revenue. The process of capturing and converting leads is made easier with the help of a lead management tool.

Social media is a powerful customer service and branding tool. To turn this into a veritable lead generation machine there are a few strategies you can employ. First, you need to gather information on your target audience, i.e. people who are likely to show an interest and hopefully invest in your service or product as a customer or client.

Social media is a hub for generating new sales leads because people readily share information out of their own volition. People are more likely to share information when they are convinced it was their idea to do so.

How to use Leadtrekker to improve your social media campaign

A lead management system will help you get the most from your Facebook campaign you need to be on top of leads being generated and nurture them. Leadtrekker can track your campaign efforts whether the ads you create are linked to a website or a newsletter sign-up prompt. If the lead generation is effective you can collect loyal customers and client’s information for remarketing in the next campaign.

Automatic lead capturing means that interested parties are logged and you can use this information to refine your target audience for your campaign objective.

Leadtrekker allows you to take advantage of the leads generated by social media. The cost-effective nature of social media advertising means that when Leadtrekker is used to convert them to sales leads, less money has gone into the advertising process than the money you will make from converted leads. This is the basis of profitability which is essentially the objective of effective business. Make use of social media marketing to generate more leads and bring in more profit with the help of Leadtrekker’s features.

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