Learn How to Drive Your Digital Content Marketing Efforts

We will be focusing on four main points in this article that will improve your digital marketing campaigns:

How to Track Digital Marketing Efforts

It is important to track every campaign, making sure that you track both the channels as well as the actual content of your campaign. Yes, it is important to know which platform is responsible for what traffic, but it is just as important to understand what caused the engagement.

This will not only help you decide which content to focus your content on; it will also give you valuable insight into specific consumers. This will drive your content and marketing strategy, as well as steer your business to be more client centric.

Below is an explanation of how campaign parameters work and how they help you track everything you do.

lead management to drive digital marketing efforts

Source: Google Analytics – Campaign Builder

In most Lead Management Systems or CRM’s, you can set up tracking for each of the above parameters, including URL Parameters for Ads tracking. This allows you to track your digital marketing leads accurately.

Measuring Total Conversions

Measuring total conversions from your marketing campaign is now possible, and true KPI’s are now not just a wish or a dream, but, in actual fact, a real measurement by which the performance of each marketing channel, campaign or event can be measured.

This will give better direction in your marketing strategy and push you a step further towards achieving your business goals. These statistics empower the marketing manager or strategist to review his/her strategy.

Now, going back and improving your strategy is a science and not an educated guessing game.

Calculating Leads to Sales Ration

By having accurate data from each channel you can determine your lead to sales ratio and this will help show you which of your efforts are ranked more successful. Other factors also form part of this calculation:

  • Response time to the first contact.
  • Salesperson.
  • Communication platform.
  • A number of interactions.

This will allow you to determine the actual cost per lead by determining the value of each channel.

Why You Should Care About CLV

From a business perspective, this is probably one of the most important values to measure.

When you have an average income per client with a certain average Customer Lifetime Value, you create a goal setting process on an executive level. CLV provides your campaign strategy with much the information needed to calculate marketing budgets for sustainability, brand building, and customer relations.

Through this tactical approach, business owners/decision makers can improve the ROI without relying solely on budget changes and advertising.

Business owners and decision makers now possess an overview of how they can improve customer care and so improve CLV, brand promise, sales skills and smart goals. This, combined with good marketing efforts, will improve the structure, brand, and growth of any company.