Make a Success of Your Marketing Business with Leadtrekker

As a marketing agency, your success comes from making your clients more successful. But how can you make them more successful if they have no idea where their successful sales leads are coming from? And how can you be sure that your marketing strategies are effective? The answer to these questions is simple: encourage your clients to make use of automatic lead alerts with Leadtrekker.

Receive automatic lead alerts

The first answer for the moment when your clients ask why they should use Leadtrekker is simple: they receive automatic sales lead alerts. What that means for your clients is that the moment a potential customer, the lead, shows an interest in doing business with them the lead management system automatically notifies them. Everything from the lead’s contact details to the source that brought them to you is logged, keeping an extensive and accurate record of how many leads they have, who they are, and where they come from.

Aside from the obvious benefits for your clients’ business success, this has immense benefits for you as a marketing agency as well. If your client knows where their leads are coming from – it could be from Facebook, Google searches, word of mouth, and so forth – then they can tell you how to adjust the targeting. This will make you a more effective marketer, and the marketing avenues you use will show even better lead generation that your client can observe through Leadtrekker. So while your clients become more successful, so do you.

Measure ROI for marketing campaigns

Beyond automatic lead assignment and alerts, your client will want to know exactly how good a return they are receiving on their investments, over and above the number of leads being generated. Leadtrekker monitors this for your clients and gives them access to accurate ROI (return on investment) reports in order to provide this information. This enables your client to keep track of which marketing campaigns are doing better and how they can be improved or how to better focus their future campaigns. Once again, with this information you can become far more efficient when marketing for your clients.

Build your success with easy website integration

After you’ve shown your clients all the benefits of automatic sales lead alerts and ROI reporting, the final nudge of encouragement will be how easily it can be integrated into their website. It doesn’t require any complicated installation processes or hefty call-out fees. They simply have it integrated with their website and they have full access straight from any browser, which gives them the mobility and ease of access to use this system outside of the office and even with a smartphone. Simple and powerful.

Contact us to find out how you can become a Leadtrekker partner and give your clients a tool to boost both yourself and your clients into a new world of successful marketing.