Make Your Real Estate Sales Admin Simpler Than Ever With Sales Lead Management

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Sales

Real estate directories are a great source of business for estate agents, right? They give you the opportunity to acquire leads that might not have come to you directly, and all of their details get emailed straight to you by the directory. But that’s the problem. And Leadtrekker is here to solve that problem for you.

Why are emailed lead details a problem?

It seems convenient at first, but think about the number of emails you receive in a single day already. Most estate agents can easily receive anything from 50 emails and upwards on a daily basis, and you will have noticed by now how many of these valuable leads end up lost and forgotten in all of that.

Your email inbox also cannot be used as a tool for managing leads, which is a disadvantage. There is very little you can do to organise your information or structure follow-up plans and interactions, add notes, or assign leads to sales agents. But with a Leadtrekker you will have all of those options available to you.

How does Leadtrekker solve this problem?

In this particular case, Leadtrekker gives you a simple way to automatically capture your sales leads in one central location. There are many lead management systems that only deal with leads being generated on your own website, but we have a system in place which allows you to automatically capture leads from any source, including directories.

How this works is that we make use of a custom API (Application Programming Interface). This API is used to analyse the email sent to you by the directory and capture the important bits, such as the lead’s name, email address and phone number. This information is then to store this directly within your lead management system.

What this means for your business

Now, instead of having those details on an email which can easily be lost or missed, everything is captured on a database online. That means that you are guaranteed to keep those details safe, and you can access them whenever you need to, from anywhere. You will still receive instant SMS and email notifications of your leads as soon as they are captured on Leadtrekker.

Another benefit of this sales lead management system is that you will be able to pinpoint exactly where most of your leads and closed business deals are generated from, which helps when making important decisions such as where to spend you marketing budget.

Try it for yourself, for free

Leadtrekker is South Africa’s most trusted lead management system, and you can see why for yourself with a free trial. To sweeten the pot even more, read our blog for some interesting articles and advice.

Contact us with any questions you might still have. We’re here to help your business thrive.

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