Manage Your Leads While Your Business is Closed Over December

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Marketing, Sales

With the December holiday season coming up, most businesses are planning to close. For some this is a rather stressful occasion, and you might spend all your time off wondering about how much business you are losing by being closed. With Leadtrekker’s lead management system this will never have to be a cause for concern ever again!

Automated notifications

One of the most innovative features of Leadtrekker’s lead management system is that it is fully automated. While you are away your website will still be up, and every lead that is logged will still be assigned to the appropriate sales agents as set before you closed up shop. Adding to this, you can set your lead management system to send SMS notifications straight through to your phone every time a lead is logged. The power is in your hands, then, to decide when or whether you want to follow up on those leads.

Another benefit of the automated lead management system is that it works for your leads as well. Every single lead logged on your system is also notified via SMS and email that they have been logged, and you can even have all the necessary brochures and forms attached to their email. You can also include information on your closure and reopening dates for your leads, so they are aware that you are not neglecting them.

Fully mobile lead management system

For those who want to personally contact all leads right away and impress them with your dedication, even when you are far away from the office, we have you covered as well. Leadtrekker makes use of innovative lead management website integration that operates directly from your browser. So no matter where you are you can log in and go through all your leads and their statuses. From there you once again have full control over how much work you put in. Your time is still your own, and your holiday is all yours to enjoy as you see fit while your business continues to operate optimally.

Test the free trial of Leadtrekker’s lead management system now! You can also contact us, and we will tell you all about what our lead management website integration system can do for your business. Happy – productive – holidays to all!




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