Online Lead Management: Nurturing Your Property Leads

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Sales

An efficient online property lead management tool can ensure that your real estate business is effectively preventing leads from falling through the cracks, and that everything is being done to ensure that those leads convert into closed sales. With the number of clients and potential clients real estate agents see on a daily basis, as well as leads continuously coming in, it can become very difficult to keep track of everything like where you are with each lead in your sales process. From making initial contact with leads, to attending to their needs, to following up on existing clients, all of these tasks can be tracked and managed with an online lead management tool like Leadtrekker.

Ways to Effectively Nurture Your Leads

Respond quickly

People looking for real estate are probably exploring a few options, and are going to be in contact with a few different real estate agents. A fast response time is imperative if you hope to keep their attention and make them feel important. However, when you’re on the road or busy with other clients, lightening fast responses can be impossible. Leadtrekker has a feature that allows for automatic SMS and/or email responses. As soon as your lead submits their details on your online form, they will immediately get an auto reply. To top this, you’ll also receive an email and/SMS notification to let you know that a new lead needs to be actioned.

Keep them in the loop

There’s nothing worse than being interested in a product or service and hearing radio silence from the company or salesperson. The same applies to real estate agents. With multiple clients at different stages in the selling / renting process, however, it can be difficult to remember which action needs to be taken for whom. Leadtrekker allows for custom statuses to be added, so that at any point, an estate agent can visit the system and change the status on a client. For example, if the client has expressed interest in viewing a property, their status could be changed to “Make Viewing Appointment”. You can also make notes on your leads, so you can keep track of the property/properties that they’re interested in, as well as make notes on special needs, etc. This will prevent mistakes, and will assist you in a way that you don’t have to keep track of everything. Your efficiency will also impress your clients, resulting in building trust, and bringing you closer to a sale.

Timely follow-up

Even if you have closed the sale / rental, it’s important to follow up with your client at least once. Whether it’s a mail or a phone call, it will show your client that you care. This is not only to further solidify your relationship with your client, but it also opens the door for you to be recommended by them. If you implement exceptional service, your client will likely keep you in mind if real estate comes up in a conversation; this could bring in more leads, meaning more business!

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