Optmyzr vs. WordStream: Which is the better third party Google Ads Optimisation Tool?

When talking about third-party reporting tools, you can’t skip the important question about which third-party optimisation tool is better. We’ve used both Optmyzr and WordStream, and we have come up with a resounding “Optmyzr is better”. Here are our reasons why.

Root cause analysis in a jiffy with PPC Investigator

Though WordStream provides you with trends on your account performance in a single snapshot, it doesn’t provide you with a root cause analysis of why things might be going south in your campaign.

With Optmyzer’s PPC Investigator you can ask a question related to your account KPI’s and linked to a specific campaign to establish which areas you need to focus on. For example:

The PPC investigator provides you with a map that can help you identify areas for improvement.

In the map provided, I can see that my conversions increased due to an increase in the cost, but there was a drop in the conversion rate and a drop in the search impression share due to ad rank. If I want more value for this particular client I should pay attention to my quality scores and review the search terms report.

Quicker insights about which keywords can improve on Quality Score

WordStream provides an overall snapshot of your Quality Score, but doesn’t tell you which keywords need improving, or what areas those keywords need improvement on. With Optmyzr’s Quality Score Tracker, you get an account Quality Score snapshot as well as the keywords and their related problems that need attention.

Sample of an account health snapshot:

Sample of a keyword dashboard to improve quality score:

Within the keyword view, you can also add or remove columns to view other key metrics such as cost per conversion, conversion rate and more to make the best decision on a keyword level.

Save Time with the Display Placement Exclusion tool

Find and exclude money wasting placements across all your campaigns with a couple of clicks. Optmyzr gives you two options for this optimisation tool. Your optimisation strategy and filters can be set to “Conservative”, “Normal” or “Aggressive”, each of which can be manually tweaked to suit your needs. Additionally, you can select the goal you would like to achieve:

  • Reduce the cost per click for the traffic you’re generating,
  • get more impressions for your brand campaign,
  • improve the cost per conversion, or
  • improve your cost per conversion for all conversions.

Optmyzr will give you the placements it would remove, and you can post this automatically to your campaigns.

Ad creation with A/B Split Testing

If you need to quickly find your best performing ads, you can provide Optmyzr with your “winning criteria” such as Conversion Rates, Clickthrough Rates or Conversions / Impressions. Optmyzr will highlight the worst performing ads in your campaigns with the option to pause these within the interface.

On top of that, when creating ads within the interface, Optmyzr provides suggestions on ad copy based on which of your descriptions and headlines are the best performers.

Bid adjustments made easy for manual CPC bidders

Hour of day, day of week, geographic and device bid adjustments are simplified with the AI recommending bids based on your goals. You can also customise the aggressiveness of the bid adjustments, keeping the control of your CPC costs within your grasp.

The recommended bid modifiers will give you an idea of the expected change in the number of clicks and cost before you make the change.

Customisable reports with more data insights to share

Though WordStream provides a workable report that provides some key insights into your account health, there is a limitation on how much you can customise it. Optmyzr provides excellent report templates that can easily be modified to suit your needs.

Additionally, the reports can be automated, saving you time if you prefer not to provide insights into the results for your clients.

Finally, a large library of scripts for account optimisation

If you’re not comfortable with JavaScript, you might be terrified of letting a script loose on your campaigns that you’ve downloaded from someone on the web. Optmyzr takes out the guesswork involved with scripts and provides you with clear explanations on what the scripts will do, and how they will benefit your account.

Additionally, implementation of the scripts is made easy with a user-friendly interface within the Optmyzr dashboard. Once configured in Optmyzr you can download the script and past it in the relevant Google Ads account.

Some of the scripts that are available for implementation are:

  • Account quality score report
  • Check destination and sitelink URL’s
  • Flexible Budget script
  • Reach target monthly spend
  • Pause keywords with low-Quality Score

These are some of our favourite features of Optmyzr, but it’s not all that this “all-in-one” tool offers. We highly recommend signing up for a trial to marvel at how much this one tool can do for your agency.