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Our Clients Have Had Their Say: Their Top 3 Leadtrekker Features Are…

We know that our Leadtrekker clients are happy with their lead management system solution, but what are the top three features Leadtrekker offers that they enjoy the most?

Leadtrekker has received a collection of positive testimonials that happy clients have submitted based on their personal experience while using our robust lead management software. As all our users know, Leadtrekker is a feature-rich lead management system that is packed to the brim with next-generation capabilities and functions, which include wide compatibility, automated lead assignment, flexible reporting, and more. However, which lead management system features will take the title of top three favourite Leadtrekker features?

Lead Management Feature Number 1

Topping our favourite lead management system features chart is its measurable lead response time. Users of Leadtrekker are hooked on the fact that they are now able to track the time their sales team members took to contact their assigned leads, giving them the opportunity to constantly improve their teams’ performance. By tracking response time, managers are able to follow up with their team members accordingly to maximise accountability.

Lead Management Feature Number 2

Coming in at a close second, the instant email/SMS notifications feature of Leadtrekker is hard to live without once you have experienced it for yourself. Leadtrekker’s dedicated fans constantly brought up the immense value that they get out of this lead management software by having notifications inform them of each and every incoming lead. This value-added feature empowers our clients to stay informed with instant notifications, even while on the move.

Lead Management Feature Number 3

Last, but not least, our happy customers did not forget about the dynamic and flexible reporting capabilities of Leadtrekker. As part of our immense lead management features, Leadtrekker’s reporting capabilities award our clients with accurate and intuitive analytics that empowers them to make informed decisions. These comprehensive reporting features give users the ability to pinpoint marketing campaign successes and find out exactly where their leads are coming from.

And that’s our list of the top three Leadtrekker features that our clients mentioned they enjoyed most; want to find out what your favourite features of our powerful lead management system solution will be? Discover them for yourself with a free trial!