Sales Executive Tips That Will Improve Your Conversion Rate

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Your company’s return on investment will have a close relationship with your sales conversion rate. A good conversion rate shows that you have a winning formula in terms of strategy and processes, from marketing, to your sales approach. If your conversion rate is low, you’ll need to understand why by reviewing your processes. There are a few tasks that you can implement that will directly impact your conversion rate by improving it – making your profits grow, and helping build your salespeople’s confidence.

Improve Your Sales Pitch

If you don’t already have a sales pitch, it’s time to start looking at creating one. It can be a simple template to work from, as many salespeople are charismatic and will want to have their freedom (no one likes a cold calling pitch).

By creating a pitch to work from, you can analyse what works and what doesn’t and tweak it accordingly. This brings us to personalisation; no pitch should be the same for different industries, company sizes, or even to the different titles within the company. By personalising your pitch, you can make it more relatable to the lead or prospect that you’re engaging with. This builds rapport, and will increase the chance of a closed sale – with the bonus of a long-term relationship and possible referrals.

Have Proof of Previous Client Success

Consumers are putting more value on reviews, testimonials and customer experiences. This is where businesses can capitalise on their wins even further! You can build trust by having information available to them that shows that your product or service is providing value in other people’s lives.

You can add a review section on your website, on a landing page, or make it an option on your Google My Business page. Encourage your sales team to chat to existing happy customers and get them to review your products or services publicly. It can do wonders for your conversion rate.

Track Your Marketing Efforts and Change Them

A winning marketing formula may not be winning forever, so it’s important to be versatile and willing to experiment when leads start thinning. By tracking which of your marketing efforts are most effective, and where they are attracting the most interest, you can continue to target these areas to ensure successful business outcomes. Alternatively, you can tell where there is room for improvement and adjust accordingly.

You can use a CRM like Leadtrekker to report on your marketing. When you use effective marketing strategies and target the right audience, your efforts will yield a successful return. It works the same way if you use effective marketing on the right audience you will generate better quality leads that will be more likely to convert.

Leadtrekker offers a host of functionalities an gives your salespeople a tool that they can use to not only nurture their existing leads, but create value for future prospects that have a higher chance of converting to clients. Contact us for more information or to book a demo and see where we can help!

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