Starting A Campaign: 3 Important Website Checks

Leadtrekker is here to eradicate errors in digital marketing and advertising. These have become large-scale industries after the introduction of smartphones and mobile internet connection, and the developments don’t seem to have any intention of slowing down. To keep your head above water – when drowning in leads – use Leadtrekker: the only lead software that ensures you never lose a lead.

Does your journey make sense?

The user experience is an essential part of digital marketing because this is the way in which users find your contact details, read your content and make use of calls to action. These calls to action should be easy to find as well as to navigate so that they successfully generate leads.

If your website is not easy to navigate your bounce rate will go up and calls to action, thus business opportunities, will be missed.

Luckily, Leadtrekker is compatible with most websites so you can integrate multiple landing pages into your simple leads management system. This way you can also identify potential problems with your current navigation and seek means to improve it.

Is it mobile-friendly?

Digital marketing has spread to all online platforms. Social media advertising means that because these forums are used frequently, there is more engagement. It is more effective than when people simply browse the web. By making use of social media you certify that you are reaching many new potential leads.

For this to work properly your content needs to be mobile-friendly. This means that it must be enticing not only as a call to action but as a website that is user-friendly on mobile devices. It should run without glitches on all devices and across platforms.

Are your online forums working?

Leadtrekker’s compatibility means it can easily be incorporated into multiple websites that link to your business. If these websites are not working then you cannot expect for them to generate leads.

If a potential client sees a social media call to action and acts on it without being taken to the correct, working page, your bounce rate will increase significantly and you will lose numerous potential leads.

Leadtrekker will instantaneously make you aware of where you are losing leads. Once this is rectified, leads will come flooding in. Leadtrekker will act as the floodgates that allow the leads to be distributed and handled. Increase your lead conversion rate today, with Leadtrekker.