The Benefits of Custom Fields for Real Estate Agents with Leadtrekker

The benefits of a lead tracking system for real estate agents spreads far and wide, and it can boost your sale conversions. You can do everything from keeping track of your leads to monitoring sales leads statuses. Now, with custom fields integrated into the lead tracking software you can proactively sell homes to prospective buyers.

Automatically Gather Leads Information

When potential buyers use a website to view a home or contact the agency for a viewing or query the information is automatically assigned to the relevant parties. The lead will receive an automatic response letting them know their query and information have been received and they will be contacted shortly. You can customise these messages as you see fit, but it is up to you to nurture your lead to conversion.

You can customise the field to ask for contact details such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Query

You can add whatever you like to your custom leads to get as much information as possible, but note that people may be put off by long forms. The custom fields, when used through Leadtrekker’s superior lead tracking software, will give you all of this and more so that you can proactively pursue the lead in question.

Get All the Information you need to be Proactive

When a custom field is completed by a lead the appropriate sales agent will be notified via email and/or SMS. This way you will instantly know of the interested party. Not only that, but you will now also have:

  • The lead’s name
  • The lead’s email
  • The lead’s contact number
  • The web reference to the link the lead filled the custom field in for
  • The home address the lead is interested in buying
  • The price of the home the lead is interested in buying

With this information any real estate agent can proactively secure a lead even if it is not for the home initially queried. Considering the fact that you know the style of home, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, area and the budget the lead is interested in you can search for more homes they could be interested in. This way you can contact them and find them their perfect home even if it is one they had not seen before you introduced it to them. Now that’s good real estate business. Proactively helping your clients find exactly what they need is sure to impress and skyrocket your reputation as the “home matchmaker” in no time.

Using a Lead Tracking System to Monitor Sales Leads

Monitoring your sales leads with Leadtrekker is the perfect way to stay on top of leads to nurture them to conversion. Now that you know exactly what your customer’s needs are you can get ahead of the game. With lead tracking software you will know how many parties have shown interest in the property in question and be able to tell your potential customers if their offer is one of many. This could prompt a sale.

Using a smart lead tracking system like Leadtrekker as a real estate agent is one way to guarantee you get all the information you need from your leads. With this information it is up to you to nurture your leads to conversion, which should be easy with Leadtrekker as the Ace up your sleeve. Contact us for more information or start you free trail today and test it for yourself!