The Impact of Lead Escalations

If you’re still managing your business leads via email you can be assured that some of the leads will fall through the cracks and the end result will be that you have wasted your marketing budget to generate those leads. What you need is a systemised method to manage and nurture your precious leads. One of the biggest needs for business owners is to determine their sales pipeline, and have a fully transparent view of all the leads and their statuses. Let’s have a look at the differences between using Lead Management System such as Leadtrekker and using your email to manage your leads:
With Leadtrekker you can simply login into the system to get a full overview of all the leads, see what their current status is, and view further details of the lead. VS. If you use email to manage your leads you’ll have to send the lead via email to a sales agent, confirm if they’ve received it, and you’ll have to remember to follow up and get a status of the lead.
It is a proven fact that the most important element when it comes to lead management is the speed at which you get back to the lead. If you respond within 15 minutes you will increase your chances of closing the deal by 80%. With Leadtrekker an instant SMS and email will be sent to the lead informing them that you are aware of his/her request and will get in touch shortly. Non-Contacted Escalations (NCE) is the best way to ensure that leads are actioned as quick as possible. You can easily setup Lead Escalations on Leadtrekker and select who should be notified when a lead has not been contacted within a pre-defined timeframe. (I.E Sales Manager) The sales manager will typically be notified via SMS and email and can then either re-assign the lead to another agent or follow up with the agent who should’ve made contact with the lead. The NCE is just one of the many automated features from Leadtrekker that can help you to convert a lead into successful business. Click here to find out what other benefits Leadtrekker has to