Tracking Google Ads Results and the Value of Leads

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Marketing

When running Google Ads, it is extremely important to track the results that those ads yield. It allows you to adjust and change course if a certain strategy is not working as well as expected. This will prevent you from wasting money on campaigns that aren’t successful, and will increase the amount, as well as the value, of the leads and sales gained from an exercise.

The thing is, tracking Google Ads results isn’t as easy and straightforward as one might think. In this article, we will discuss what the difference is between tracking sales and leads, as well as how one can track the value of the leads that are coming in.

How to Track Digital Marketing Conversions

When tracking Google Ad results and conversion rates there are multiple actions taken by users that one can measure. These include purchases, button clicks, phone calls, and more.

Two frequently asked factors about actions or results are leads and sales. These results have different meanings and are tracked differently.

How do I Track Google Ad Sales?

Google Ads tailored to generate sales are often shopping ads and campaigns. Typically, a product will be advertised in these campaigns and will boost traffic to the sales page on your website. The placement and targeting of these ads are extremely important, as there won’t be a salesperson to list features, benefits, and help the sale along.

Thus, Google Ads sales are measured by the amount of traffic sent to a website via the ad or ad campaign. It then measures the number of purchases made off of those campaigns.

How do I Track Google Ad Leads?

Google Ads leads are generated through your website. Some of these lead capturing methods include landing pages, lead form submissions, and other similar pages. The goal of a Google Ad that is tailored to generate leads, is to capture the details of potential customers that are highly likely to purchase your product or service. These campaigns provide a company with contact information that is then passed on to sales staff, that have the necessary skill to solidify a sale. These campaigns are best suited to industries such as insurance, real estate, and other long form sales processes.

Thus, these leads are tracked by measuring the amount of contact information forms that are submitted.

Tracking the Value of Leads

Tracking of Google Ads leads does not end with the number of leads received. It is also important to determine how valuable a lead is. In other words, how qualified is that lead, and how likely are they to purchase your product or service?

One way to track the quality of leads is by using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. A CRM will allow a company to determine how valuable the leads are that are coming in, and whether some aspects will need to be adjusted to improve the quality of leads that are being received.

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