What Is CRM Training? And Do You Need It?

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According to Ascendix Technology, 91% of businesses with more than ten employees use a CRM system to manage customer relationships. This statistic shows that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the secret sauce to success in today’s business world.

If your business is new to CRM or you are considering implementing a new CRM system, you and your employees mustn’t overlook the importance of CRM training. Without proper training, many businesses fail to fully utilise their CRM system’s potential and waste time and resources.

So, what is CRM training, and why do you need it?

Let’s delve into the details.

What is CRM Training?

CRM training is a process of educating your employees on how to use a CRM system the right way.

It involves teaching them about the following:

  • features
  • functionalities
  • best practices for managing customer relationships
  • how to get the most out of the CRM system
  • potential mistakes and errors to avoid
  • how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise

It is like a user manual for your CRM system but with interactive and hands-on learning.

Why Do You Need CRM Training?

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that their employees will naturally figure out how to use a CRM system. While some may have basic knowledge, thorough CRM training is essential to ensure that everyone understands how to use it.

Here are 6 reasons why you need CRM training:

1. Improved Efficiency

Investing time in CRM training can improve efficiency within your business operations. With proper training, your employees will have a clear understanding of how, when, what, where, and why to use the CRM system.

This knowledge will help them work smarter and more efficiently, thus saving time and resources.

2. Increased Adoption

CRM systems are only beneficial when your team uses them correctly and consistently. As mentioned before, if you do not train your employees, they may misuse or only use a fraction of the CRM system’s capabilities.

By providing proper training, you can increase the adoption rate of your CRM system and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

3. Better Customer Relationships

The primary purpose of a CRM system is to help manage customer relationships effectively. Without proper training, your team may miss out on opportunities to connect with customers, track their interactions and preferences, and provide personalised service.

With CRM training, your team can use all the features and functionalities to build better customer relationships.

4. Reduced Errors and Miscommunication

A poorly trained team can often make mistakes and miscommunicate information, resulting in errors and misunderstandings. This can significantly impact customer relationships and business operations.

With CRM training, your employees will better understand how to input, access, and share data accurately within the system.

5. Improved Sales Performance

A well-trained team can also lead to improved sales performance. With a better understanding of customer data, your team can identify potential leads, upsell or cross-sell opportunities, and track the sales process.

This can result in increased sales and revenue for your business.

6. Better Coordination Between Sales & Marketing Teams

CRM systems can help bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams by providing a central platform for collaboration.

Marketing teams can design campaigns and track their effectiveness, while sales teams can access this data to tailor their approach.

How To Prepare For CRM Training

Now that we have discussed the benefits of CRM training let’s look at how you can prepare your team for it.

Identify Training Needs: Start by identifying the specific areas where your team needs training. This could include learning how to use certain features, understanding customer data, or improving communication skills.
Develop a Training Plan: Once you have identified the training needs, work with your CRM provider to develop a customised training plan for your team. This may include online courses, free demos, or one-on-one online sessions.
Communicate Expectations: Before starting the training, communicate clear expectations to your team. Let them know why the training is important, what they can expect to learn, and how it will benefit both them and the company.
Provide Resources: Make sure your team has access to all necessary resources for the training, such as laptops, the CRM software, and training materials.
Encourage Feedback: During and after the training, encourage your team to provide feedback on their experience. This will help you assess the effectiveness of the training and make any necessary adjustments for future sessions.
Reinforce Learning: To ensure that your team retains what they have learned during CRM training, incorporate regular refreshers or follow-up sessions. This can also help to reinforce the importance of using CRM in day-to-day operations.
Lead by Example: As a leader, it is important to lead by example and actively use and promote the CRM system yourself. This will show your team that you value its importance and encourage them to do the same.

As you can see, CRM training is crucial for the success of your team and company. Once you’ve signed up for CRM software, follow these steps to ensure that your team is fully trained and ready to use the system effectively.

CRM Training For Leadtrekker

Leadtrekker is an all-in-one CRM, lead management, and sales automation software designed specifically for South African businesses. Its powerful features can greatly improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

To fully harness the capabilities of Leadtrekker and maximise its impact on your business, you will need proper CRM training.

When you sign up with us, we provide you with:

  • A free demo that gives you a comprehensive overview of the software and its features
  • A free trial period for your team to explore and test out Leadtrekker
  • Online training sessions, if requested, to help your team get started with the software
  • Ongoing support and assistance from our team

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are dedicated to helping you and your team succeed with Leadtrekker.

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