4 Mistakes that are Costing You Leads

Every business owner wants 3 things:

  • More contacts
  • More leads
  • More customers

This doesn’t seem like a lot to ask for, but many business owners find themselves investing time, money and energy into trying to create leads and end up feeling as though their efforts are often in vain.

Have you ever taken a close look at your business operations? The way you manage your leads can make or break your business. Here are 4 mistakes that may be causing your leads to slip away:

1. Not all phone calls are answered

Always make sure that all phone calls are answered. Not attending to all your phone calls could lead to a great percentage of leads disappearing.

2. Phone calls that are answered are not effectively handled

Every employee that answers phone calls needs to be given the proper knowledge about sales and your service or product to prevent leads from losing interest. If employees do not have the necessary sales skills needed to handle a lead, they should know who to divert the call to.

3. Not following up on hot leads

Poor communication, confused roles and no means of accountability in the office may contribute to hot leads getting ignored. A lead management system can prevent hot leads from getting lost by assigning each individual lead to a specific sales person. Once a lead is assigned to someone, that person is responsible for nurturing the lead.

4. Not gathering enough lead information

Customer data can help your business develop in many ways. Making sure that you have a system of storing and recording all lead information and analytics will provide information for future lead conversion strategies and enable you to see which sales people are successfully converting leads and which salespeople may need to step up their game.

Take control of your leads today. Contact Leadtrekker to see how our lead management system can improve your business.