4 Mistakes Costing You Leads

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Sales

In order to operate effectively and remain successful, every business needs contacts, a constant flow of new leads and new and returning customers. Getting these might be a challenge for some businesses, especially new business owners. It’s important to use resources wisely to achieve these and then, once there is a steady flow of leads, not to let them slip through the cracks.

The way you manage your leads can make or break your business. Here are four common mistakes that may be costing you leads, and a few solutions to remedy them:

Letting Phone Calls Go Unanswered

If your contact details contain a phone number, people are going to call you. Sometimes it will be at a time when the correct person to speak to is otherwise occupied, and the call will go unanswered. The probability of them calling back is slim, so you need to ensure that your phone is then redirecting to the next person who can assist, or, at the very least, have a voice mail system in place so that the lead has the option to leave a message. The trick with the mailbox message is that it needs to be followed up with a return phone call, or the lead will forget about your company.

Ineffective Telephone Manner

Every employee responsible for answering the phones must be equipped with the right knowledge of products so that they can answer any potential questions. They should also be trained on how to speak to people properly over the phone. If employees do not have the necessary sales skills needed to handle a lead, they should know who to divert the call to.

Not Following Up

Poor communication, confused roles and no means of accountability in the office may contribute to leads being ignored or simply not noticed. A lead management system can prevent leads from getting lost by assigning each individual lead to a specific sales person. Leadtrekker does this, immediately notifies the sales person of the lead via email and SMS, and then sends the lead a custom automatic message in return. Once a lead is assigned to someone, that person is responsible for nurturing them.

Not Paying Attention to Lead Data

Customer data can help your business develop in many ways. Analysing data gathered by a lead management system like Leadtrekker will give you valuable insights into which conversion strategies are working and which to stop wasting time on. This will optimise your marketing campaigns and further your results!

Take control of your leads today. Contact Leadtrekker to see how our lead management system can improve your business.


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