6 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Personalising Your Content

The main purpose of content is to make it intriguing enough to get your audience to engage and then take some kind of action. How do we do this?

Research done on email marketing campaigns shows that personalisation of communication renders better responses. However, only 5% of companies take the time to personalise their newsletters. Do you want people to engage in and enjoy your newsletter, or do you want them to feel like they’re a single number on a long database list? Think, for example, how nice and personalised apps like takealot.com is- they save your wish list and your banking details, making it easier to purchase what you want from them.

The two main steps for personalising content is as follows:

  1. Speak to customers as though you know them
  2. Deliver customised experiences to all customers

How will Personalised Content Improve Your Marketing?

Better Conversions

When you tailor your content to be relevant to individuals, your message has a powerful effect on the reader. For example, when creating newsletters (that’s personalised with the recipient’s name) that are linked to pages that reiterate the message in the newsletter, ensures a better experience for the customer and thus a better chance of them converting.

Converting also becomes easier for the reader as, through specific content, you can guide them through the conversion process simply and clearly.  By keeping track of their preferences, information and behaviour, you can send them where they need to go, personalise forms with their information or offer additional products and services based on their interests.

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More Focused Database Needed

Gone are the days where you can successfully spam thousands of people and get a response. More and more, people have less time for meaningless content across social media and in emails. Instead, your focus should be narrowed down into targeted, segmented audiences to ensure that the right people receive the right content.

Get True Fans

When you know what your fans like, you can manipulate your content to be in line with what they want to read. This will ensure that they truly engage with your content without you having to fish for interactions.

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

By knowing what your audience likes and wants to read, you can update your content on or change the layout of the website to suit their needs. You can even segment the website to ensure that it is relevant to different audiences. See Formica’s website below as an example:

personalisation of website content example

Enable Lead Nurturing

You can personalise your content to suit the reader’s behavior and interests as well as their position in the marketing or sales funnel. This will ensure you create a stronger connection to your audience. Track each lead’s position in the marketing or sales funnel with a lead management tool to ensure that you keep track of each leads entire experience.

Improve Sales Calls

Your sales team can use the data that you used to personalise your content, to personalise their sales calls! This will ensure that they deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Aligning your communication across all your sales and marketing process will ensure that communication to your customer is clear and precise.

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