Best CRM Software South Africa: Some Unexpected Benefits

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A CRM centralises a variety of business functions and is an essential tool for boosting sales and marketing productivity. Whether you need to incorporate a CRM into your business, or you’re looking to strengthen your processes further with your CRM, Leadtrekker can give you a couple of pointers to ensure that your CRM strategy works for you!

What is the Best CRM?

The best CRM is the one that works best for your particular needs. Each CRM system will boast different features; some will work better and integrate easier with your preferred platforms, while others will offer CRM packages that fit better in your budget. Choosing the best one can be done the same way you choose any software – research, word-of-mouth, and attending demos to get to know them.

Once you have chosen the winning software, you’ll need to know how to utilise it to the fullest to ensure optimal results.

Unexpected Benefits of a CRM

As your company grows, so your database will too, and you’ll need to ensure that you or your team are not neglecting existing customers, or allowing potential leads to slip through the cracks.

A cloud-based CRM system will provide convenience and enhance productivity in multiple ways.

Improved Customer Experience

As the name implies, a customer relationship management system is there to assist with lead nurturing. Your team will have all the leads’ and customers’ information on one platform, so it’s well-suited to use for addressing specific needs and tracking them as they progress through the sales funnel. In one quick search, users can immediately access information like previous purchases or support tickets and view other actions that need to be taken.

Increased Efficiency

Administrative tasks are important but can be very time-consuming and tedious. A CRM can automate many administrative tasks with automatic notifications, reminders, auto-capture in the database, etc. With smaller tasks being handled by an efficient system, individuals can focus their time on more important tasks like closing sales and bringing in a profit.

Social Media Marketing

Track the efficacy of your social media marketing efforts by monitoring the sources of your leads. You can better understand your audience on social media platforms using integrated links that allow you to see what engagement was on each campaign/post. With enough statistics, you can identify trends by seeing which posts they used to click through to your website, landing page or contact form.

You can then replicate posts of the same sort to encourage engagement from quality leads.

Coordination and Collaboration

A cloud-based CRM brings a greater deal of visibility, coordination, and collaboration to the different teams within your business. With the ability to share and access data, teams are able to plan and strategise to reduce any potential friction, and optimise collaborative tasks.

Leadtrekker is an effective, modern, affordable CRM with a host of powerful features that can be used in businesses of all sizes. With so many great functionalities, Leadtrekker allows businesses to take their productivity and customer relationships to the next level. Contact us for a demo or visit our website to find out more.

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