Customer Retention Strategies Using a CRM System

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As the name suggests, customer retention indicates the company’s ability to retain existing customers, keeping them from leaving your brand in search of a competitor for a better experience, product, or service.  Repeat business is very valuable for every business, and customer retention strategies should be a priority to ensure continued support.

Customer retention tools can assist in making the process and tracking of customers much easier and more efficient. A customer relationship management (CRM) system like Leadtrekker is a tool that can assist with this and more, if it’s used correctly.

Customer Retention Tools: Using a CRM for Customer Retention

Leadtrekker is a cloud-based CRM system that can be used to nurture customer relationships, and to manage customer retention strategies effectively within a team. It’s perfect for improving overall customer experience.

Personalised Communication

Every single person likes to feel seen and heard, so personalising your sales and retention process is important. Whether you are set to initially engage with a client, or you’re communicating a new offering, your customers will want to feel like their individual needs are understood, and can be met by your company. This is done by means of relevant communication.

This can mean the method with which the customer responds best (email communication, telephonic conversations, etc.), down to the content that is being provided.

It’s important to build and track clients’ profiles so that you and your team can keep up with the personalised approach. You can do this by means of database management. Within your Leadtrekker database, you can add statuses and notes that anyone in your team could have access to. This makes it easy to create notes linked to each client and to keep all interactions personalised – no matter which member in your team is dealing with them.

Responding Swiftly

Whether it’s a new lead that comes in, or an existing customer who is trying to get in touch, your team should respond quickly to show that they prioritise your customer’s needs. Leadtrekker will assist with this by creating automatic notifications as soon as someone gets in touch; not just notifications for your team, but also automatic SMS and/or email notifications to your client.

The same applies to complaints. You can set up Leadtrekker to capture complaints using a form on your website, and the same notification system can be used to ensure that your team acts quickly to rectify mistakes and placate dissatisfied customers.

Improving all of your response times to address customer queries is likely to result in stronger customer relationships.

Offer Up Rewards

As and when you can, offer your customers free gifts and discounts before they ask you. Using your individual client profiles, you can track which products or services they recently bought, and offer them relevant products or services at a discounted price. This will create awareness of your offerings, and it will add value for your clients.

If you choose not to offer any form of discount, or your service offering doesn’t cater for discounts, you could always consider adding value to your offering instead.

Leadtrekker is a powerful, feature-rich CRM system that will give your team the tools it needs for brilliant customer retention and relationship management. For more information or to request a demo, contact our experts!

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