How a CRM Company in South Africa Can Help with Client Onboarding

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Customers

The client onboarding process is the exercise of welcoming a new client that has just signed on to one of your services or products. It involves getting to know the client, asking them questions, answering their questions, explaining company processes and procedures, and any other pertinent information they would need to know in order to work with a company.

In this article, we will discuss how a CRM company in South Africa can help with client onboarding.

Why is Customer Onboarding Important?

One’s communication efforts should not stop once a sale is made, in fact, it should increase. Communicating and building relationships with new customers during the onboarding process is extremely important when trying to foster a long-lasting and healthy customer relationship. Whether your onboarding process includes welcome calls and emails, or a face-to-face meeting with those who will be rendering services to the client, it is important to make that connection. 

How A CRM Can Help

There are many ways in which a CRM can assist a business during the client onboarding process that will strengthen relationships and potentially result in upselling. 

Data Capturing

When welcoming a client, it is the perfect opportunity to gather a wealth of information. Whether you provide them with a fillable form or capture all the information during the selling and onboarding process, this is often when one can learn the most about a client and their goals. If one stores this information on a CRM, all those interacting with the client going forward will have access to pertinent information about the client and their business. 

Integration and Automation

A CRM can help a company automate notifications and updates to a client’s status to inform those working with them of what is going on with that client. A great example of this is if a company is waiting for a payment to be made before continuing with a service to be rendered. Often the only department aware of these payments is the accounting department. If the accounting department fails to inform those relevant to the services being rendered of the payment, the client will experience disappointment due to slow reaction time. If this notification of payment is automated, client satisfaction and speed of work rendered will increase. 


During the onboarding process, there is a great opportunity for soft-selling and cross-selling. A new customer might have signed up for one service but if they are shown that they can benefit even more from other services included in their package they are more likely to increase their package. If a note is made on a CRM of other services that could benefit a client, they can consistently be reminded of the other services available to them. 

Increased Support Structure 

During the onboarding process, clients will often require more attention and help than later on in the relationship. A CRM can help remind employees to contact new clients to offer them more support, guidance, and check-ins than what is typically required. This will make the client feel more taken care of and heard. 

CRM Software Price in South Africa

Depending on the CRM that you opt for, prices will differ. However, you can sign up for an effective and easy-to-use CRM like Leadtrekker for as little as R220 per month. To find out more about what Leadtrekker can offer you, contact our team or book a demo

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