Never Lose Track of Real Estate Sales Leads with Leadtrekker

With the number of potential clients real estate agents see on a daily basis, as well as the massive amount of leads coming in, it’s difficult to keep track of everything. It’s a lot of admin to keep up with, never mind actually following up on it all. What you need is one simple thing: lead tracking software.

Why you need lead tracking software:

Immediate database entry

Most of your contact requests come through your website contact form or email, right? All of it is electronic, which beats the old hassles of doing everything purely on paper and in files, but you still need to keep track of it all. The first step in this process is amazingly simple if you have a lead tracking system like Leadtrekker integrated with your website.

With Leadtrekker integrated with your website your leads are automatically collected. On top of that, as they are all collected by a single lead tracking system all your leads are stored in a central database, giving you immediate and efficient control of all your necessary lead information. The days of tediously searching through hundreds of files are over.

Instant email and SMS notifications

People who are looking for homes have no time to waste, and so neither do you! With lead tracking software you have the ability to keep yourself and your leads informed at all times thanks to instant notifications. The first of these goes straight out as soon as a new lead is generated, letting both you and your lead know that the process has started. This gives you the ability to focus more on contacting new leads as quickly as possible, because you know exactly when they are generated.

The benefit of having email notifications go out to leads is that you can set these emails to carry attachments that can help you give even more immediate information to leads than ever before. For instance, if you have a catalogue with all of your available property listings – which must be regularly updated, remember – this can be attached to give the lead all their selections right away. Now, when you do contact them they could already have a good idea of which homes they want to view, saving you the time of having to offer possibilities and getting straight to showing the house and selling it!

Opportunities for constant improvement

Leadtrekker gives you the edge in the modern business environment by providing you with all the information on your own performance to help you improve your sales behaviours. Using our lead tracking software you can also keep accurate records of your response times, letting you monitor your performance and patterns that indicate slower times which could be improved, for instance.

Time is money, so get in touch with us and we will show you how using our lead tracking system can assist you without delay. We know it works, because we use it too! You can even try it for yourself with a free trial.