Real Estate Lead Management Software: Keeping Track of Your Leads

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Sales

As a Real Estate Agent, the number of tasks you have on your plate will be different on a daily basis. Sometimes you have plenty of time between tasks and being on the road to check your emails and respond to each lead you receive, while other times you may feel as though you are dropping every ball. Humans are not actually built to multi-task, so it’s during these chaotic times that we can use some help. Luckily for us, we have tools to do the multi-tasking for us!

How Can Lead Management Software Help?

Most Real Estate Agents aren’t office-bound, so they get to their messages and lead enquiries on the go, as they go. Leads are constantly coming through from online platforms, and it’s important for the Agents to respond to their enquiries timeously, otherwise they may lose the lead entirely. This isn’t always possible with Agents engaging so much with their clients, often in person, and being on the road.

Manage Leads Remotely

Managing leads in a diary, from inboxes, or via spreadsheets can become a nightmare! Leadtrekker is cloud-based, meaning that leads can be actioned right then and there, from one platform. There are many other features on Leadtrekker that take the legwork out of juggling leads.

Automated Lead Capturing

Enquiries that come from your website contact form or one of your property listing sites can be automatically captured on your Leadtrekker database, ensuring that no lead will be forgotten. For telephonic leads while you’re on the road, you can create a landing page on Leadtrekker in less than 10 minutes to send to the lead, so they can fill out their details and be captured as well.

Email and SMS Notifications with Automated Responses

There won’t always be time to respond instantaneously to a lead. Leadtrekker can send automated email and SMS responses to your lead, ensuring that they know their request has been received. The Agent will also receive an email and/or SMS notification to let them know that there is a lead that needs seeing to.

Leadtrekker can assist with automated reminders, so if one person doesn’t action a lead quickly enough, for whatever reason, another notification may be sent, or the lead will be automatically assigned to the next member in the team (if applicable). Leadtrekker can be customised according to the needs of the individual.

Duplicate leads

Leadtrekker will allow you to monitor and (subsequently) eliminate duplicate leads. If a customer enquired on a property listing, and enquired on another listing belonging to a different agent, Leadtrekker will point out that this is a duplicate lead.

External affiliates / Referrals

Leadtrekker allows you to add multiple external affiliates from a “contact list” on your Leadtrekker account, making it super easy and convenient to refer your clients over to another agent / agency.

The external affiliate will receive an email (lead) with all of the customers information.

Reporting on Performance

Leadtrekker gives you the edge in the modern business environment by providing all the information on your own or your team’s performance. Using Leadtrekker, you can keep accurate records of your response times, allowing you to monitor performance and trends. This will give you the opportunity to improve accordingly.

Real Estate lead management has never been easier and more efficient than with Leadtrekker. Contact us for a demo or to find out more!

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