Sales Pitch Tips

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Sales

Your sales pitch is your shot to get people buying into your product or service, making it important to your profit growth. It’s a condensed presentation that should showcase exactly what you have to offer, what products or services you’re selling, and why they should pay attention to you. Sales pitches are often referred to as ‘elevator pitches’ because ideally, they should be about the same length as a quick elevator ride. However, when you present to an audience who is keen to hear your full sales pitch, you can use the same below tips!

Attention spans are shrinking, and no one has time to listen to a half-hour presentation unless they’ve opted in for one and they have some still water to sip while they listen.

Sales Pitch Examples: The Do’s

A successful salesperson will be able to get a message across quickly and compellingly without wasting their listener’s time. If you have a brilliant sales pitch, you will get to elaborate further once they’re hooked! A few things to keep in mind include:

  • Keep it short, but don’t speak too quickly. Be as clear as possible so that your listener catches every word.
  • Explain the problem they may be facing, and relate it to them.
  • Explain how your product can solve that problem and use descriptive words to keep it interesting
  • Explain who your customers are – this will allow your listener to relate and feel as if they fit the profile, which immediately makes them want to know more

Sales Pitch Examples: The Don’ts

There are certain ways that you will ruin a sales pitch faster than your audience can say “no thanks”. Try to avoid the following as much as possible:

  • Don’t use a generic sales pitch for every person you come into contact with. This is a bad idea, because it will feel more like a cold call in person, rather than something that brings their attention in. You should do as much research as possible on the person you are pitching to.
  • Don’t forget to listen. Nothing will make your audience lose interest quicker than if you don’t listen to them properly. Even if they interrupt your pitch, listen to their questions and answer with thought.
  • Don’t make your pitch about yourself. You’re selling your product or service, not yourself. And if you are selling your services personally, try not to make it sound boastful. No one likes a boaster.

How To Write A Sales Pitch

There’s a standard framework that you can work off of, regardless of your industry.

Start with the problem: Start with a statement or question about the problem and add some emotions in there to make it relatable. And then answer how you can fix it.

Give benefits: Share a very clear, concise statement of value and focus on the results of implementing your solution.

Be clear about what you do: People are more likely to want to buy something from you if they trust you. Be clear and honest in your pitch – if people suspect that you’re being sneaky, they won’t be interested in trusting your product or service.

Customer success stories: Share customer examples and successes – this makes it relatable, real and tangible.

Engaging Question: Close the pitch with an open-ended question to encourage the person/people’s engagement.

Once you have leads pouring in because of your winning pitch, you’ll need a system to store and nurture them from. Leadtrekker can help! Call us to find out how.

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