Training a Team to Use a New CRM

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Sales

You have done your research, decided to make use of a CRM, found the perfect software for your requirements, and have signed up! Now, the only problem is you have to train your employees and sales team on how to use this new CRM. In this article, we will discuss how you can train your employees on this new software and encourage them to make use of it. 

Make Use of a CRM Training Manual

Running a CRM training session without any real structure can lead to confusion and a lower adoption rate. Making use of a training manual can make the entire training process easier and yield better results. Here are the benefits of a training manual. 

  • Consistency: A training manual provides consistency in the information that employees receive and prevents confusion. Therefore, everyone will be on the same page and know how to effectively make use of the company’s new CRM system.
  • Efficiency: Training is made a lot more efficient with the use of a training manual. Once the employees have worked through the manual, and asked questions in the training session, they should know what they are doing. This will prevent employees from constantly asking questions for months on end about how the CRM works and how they should incorporate it into their daily tasks. It also provides a structured learning program and employees will be able to refer back to the manual should they ever have questions. 
  • Standardisation: Once the training has been completed and everyone has worked through the manual, they should have the same level of understanding of the new CRM. Therefore, no one employee knows more because they took more time to experiment with the CRM. This disperses risk and ensures that all employees know exactly how to properly and efficiently incorporate the CRM into their processes. 
  • Onboarding: Though your current team will know exactly how the new CRM works once they have worked through the manual and completed training, there is the question of future employees. A training manual can be a fantastic tool when onboarding a new employee as it will get them up to speed quickly and easily. 

Introducing a Sales Team to Software

While you can arrange a training session to get your sales team up to speed with how a new CRM works, there is no guarantee that the team will make an effort to use the software effectively. It is therefore necessary and important to convince the sales team of why the CRM is useful and get them excited about the new software. Here are some ways that you can introduce the new CRM to your sales team and get them excited about this shift.

  • Explain the Benefits: It is important to clearly explain how the new CRM that is being introduced will help the team by simplifying their processes. You should also mention that the CRM will assist them in working more efficiently, improving their performance, and increasing customer satisfaction. There is nothing that a sales team loves more than a satisfied customer. It is also a good idea to read up on the features of the new CRM and give examples of how those features will be beneficial
  • Assign a Champion: It is important to assign a champion of the team and the new CRM. It will be this person’s responsibility to cheerlead the shift to this new software and help when and where needed. This will assure that the integration goes smoothly. This champion could be a team member or a manager.  
  • Set Goals: Setting clear goals can help motivate the team to make use of the new CRM. Perhaps this can come in the form of sales targets, the number of notes made, leads contacted, and more. 
  • Provide Ongoing Support: While you might have organised a motivational session, taken your team through training, and set goals, your team might still require support while switching over to the new system. It is important to schedule check-ins with team members, book refresher training sessions, provide feedback, and keep an open door for any questions that might arise. 

Discover a New CRM

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