Using Leadtrekker to Optimise B2B Sales

The world of B2B marketing is an ever-changing and evolving one. You need to become an expert in things that have only existed for a short time and may not be around for very long in order to keep up. The biggest shift has been how closely marketing and sales need to work together in an effort to convert sales leads.

Using Leadtrekker to help marry marketing and sales efforts

Marketing teams are nurturing leads to the middle of the funnel (sometimes even to the very bottom) before handing over to sales instead of at the very top of the funnel. Marketers delve deeper into the buyer journey than before instead of generating the initial lead with their efforts, leaving it up to salespeople to convert them.

The use of proper lead management and marketing automation is what B2B good practice demands. Effective lead management needs to see leads nurtured from the word “go.” The goal is to have marketing teams nurture leads up until they are virtually closed or converted before handing over to sales to handle the logistics.

Marketing automation with Leadtrekker is ready to automatically capture sales leads in order to streamline the lead management process. As buyers’ expectations evolve marketing automation for best practice in lead management is essential to generating and converting sales leads. Leadtrekker automatically captures leads no matter what source they come from while logging important data to help you constantly build and improve your marketing strategies.

Leadtrekker has the ability to automatically assign leads too! This means that leads can be captured and immediately assigned to the appropriate team member, whether it be marketing or sales, in order for it to make its way through the funnel. The faster the lead is nurtured, the more likely its chances of converting.

Using Leadtrekker as your B2B optimising tool

Leadtrekker has the ability to optimise your lead management no matter what happens in the B2B marketing world. With this lead management system, you will always be ahead of the game because it can be customised to be used the way you need it. Leadtrekker’s features include:

  • Widely compatible to be integrated into most website formats
  • Sports a measurable lead response time
  • Takes frequent measurements of your marketing ROI
  • Automatically assigns leads
  • Gives access to invaluable business insights
  • Instant email and SMS notifications
  • Dynamic and flexible reporting
  • White labelling

For optimised B2B sales and to constantly stay on top of the ever-evolving sales and marketing strategies use Leadtrekker. Automatically capture sales leads today and take the guesswork out of your B2B sales strategy. Start your free trial and see how Leadtrekker can optimise the lead management of your marketing and sales teams.