How Leadtrekker is Geared to Convert Real Estate Sales Leads

Buying a home is a huge commitment. This means real estate agents need to play the numbers game to sell houses because not all leads will end up being buyers. Leadtrekker is made to help real estate agents convert sales leads.

Differentiate between high and low-quality leads

The truth is that word of mouth remains the strongest referral, especially with as big of a commitment as purchasing a property. Anyone can fill out an online form, but what about leads coming from different sources. Leadtrekker can track, log and report on all leads regardless of the source to help you determine which are most likely to convert.

Automatic lead capture

Leadtrekker is made to automatically capture leads logged online. This means that the main influx of leads will be automatically logged in the database. The source of the lead and contact details will be logged so that a sales agent can follow up as soon as possible. This allows your business to build a client database and a contact database to use in the future.

Now that you have the details of individuals looking to buy you can continue to contact them until you find them the perfect home within their budget. Because you have their details in the database you can contact them when a home with their specifications becomes available on the market. Never lose track of a lead again with a database of automatically captured contacts.

Automatic lead alerts

Not only will the company and relevant sales agents be notified of a new lead coming in but leads will also be sent an automated email and SMS to let them know their information has been received. They have peace of mind knowing that a sales agent will contact them shortly as mentioned in the email and SMS notification.

Automated lead assignment

Leadtrekker automatically assigns leads to the relevant sales agent. This saves precious time so that the lead is more likely to convert because time is money, after all. This ensures accountability within your sales team. If the lead is left for too long a manager or supervisor will be notified by Leadtrekker and they can take over if necessary.

Leadtrekker is geared to convert real estate sales leads by improving response times and ensuring accountability to increase your lead conversion rate. Contact us and start your free trial to see how Leadtrekker can make yours the best real estate agency in South Africa.