How to Choose The Best CRM Software In South Africa

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CRM software, otherwise referred to as Customer Relationship Management software, aids companies in customer acquisition and retention. It does this by tracking and prioritising leads, keeping pertinent client information at hand, and providing you with data so that you may improve your sales and customer retention process. When searching for the best CRM software in South Africa for your company, there are several features and considerations to keep in mind while making your decision.  


What Is Meant By The Best CRM Software?


The best CRM software is the one that works best for your particular needs. Each CRM system will boast different features; some will work better and integrate more easily with your preferred platforms, while others will offer CRM packages that fit better in your budget. Choosing the best one can be done the same way you choose any software – research, word-of-mouth, and attending demos to get to know them.


Basic CRM Features


There are a few basic features that every CRM software in South Africa should possess to fulfil the overall purpose of improving the management of customer relationships in both the acquisition and retention phases. 


These basic features consist of:

  • Integration: Your CRM should be able to integrate seamlessly with your website, calendars, and email to perform its other duties properly. 
  • Reporting: The CRM should have customisable reports and dashboards that can display the information and data acquired in an easily digestible manner. 
  • Lead Management: Every lead that comes in should be tracked and assigned to a salesperson to follow up on. 
  • Task Management: It is important to have a CRM that can create, share and manage tasks to ensure nothing is missed. 
  • Portability: As many sales representatives are on the road a lot, it is important to have a CRM that can be accessed on the road via a tablet or smartphone. 


Additional CRM Features


Even though the previously mentioned features will provide a business with decent coverage and service, it is always nice to have a few extra features that will provide a significant benefit in the long term. 

Such additional features could include:


  • Sales Management: Some CRMs can offer you data on any sales-related activities so that you can react appropriately. 
  • Communication Management: If your CRM allows users to input relevant information (both personal and business-related), communication will improve as well as the relationship with customers. 
  • Marketing ROI Measurement: A good CRM should be able to measure ROI (Return On Investment). This will allow users to identify pain points and improve where necessary. 
  • Response Time Management: Certain CRMs track the response time on leads. This is important as lead response time has been directly correlated to the number of sales made. 
  • Notifications: Notifications (email or SMS) are a great way to never lose track of a lead and stay on top of what needs to be done in a day.
  • Superior Lead Assignment: An excellent feature to look out for in a CRM is automated lead assignment escalation. If a lead comes in, the response time is tracked, and the salesperson that it has been assigned to has not responded fast enough, some CRMs automatically reassign that lead to another salesperson, or it is escalated to a manager. 


Unexpected Benefits of a CRM


As your company grows, so will your database, and you’ll need to ensure that you or your team are not neglecting existing customers or allowing potential leads to slip through the cracks.

A cloud-based CRM system will provide convenience and enhance productivity in multiple ways:


Improved Customer Experience


As the name implies, a customer relationship management system assists with lead nurturing. Your team will have all the leads’ and customers’ information on one platform, so it’s well-suited for addressing specific needs and tracking them as they progress through the sales funnel. In one quick search, users can immediately access information like previous purchases or support tickets and view other actions that need to be taken.


Increased Efficiency


Administrative tasks are important but can be very time-consuming and tedious. A CRM can automate many administrative tasks with automatic notifications, reminders, auto-capture in the database, etc. With smaller tasks being handled by an efficient system, individuals can focus their time on more critical tasks like closing sales and bringing in a profit.


Social Media Marketing


Track the efficacy of your social media marketing efforts by monitoring the sources of your leads. You can better understand your audience on social media platforms using integrated links that allow you to see what engagement was on each campaign/post. With enough statistics, you can identify trends by seeing which posts they used to click through to your website, landing page or contact form.

You can then replicate posts of the same sort to encourage engagement from quality leads.


Coordination and Collaboration


A cloud-based CRM brings greater visibility, coordination, and collaboration to the different teams within your business. With the ability to share and access data, teams can plan and strategise to reduce any potential friction and optimise collaborative tasks.


What To Consider When Choosing CRM Software in South Africa


There are a few considerations one should keep in mind when browsing for the best CRM software that will suit your business needs.


  • Business Size: The size of your business will determine whether you need a CRM suited to a small business, medium organisation, or large corporation. Thus, it will influence how complex and feature-heavy your chosen CRM is. 
  • Affordability: Typically, a larger corporation will opt for a more expensive CRM, whereas a start-up will choose a more affordable CRM. CRMS can also scale with your business as it grows in both features available and price range. 
  • Customer Support: It is important to determine how much support your CRM will offer you and if it will be as comprehensive as required. 
  • Ease of Use: It is advisable to opt for a user-friendly CRM as this should be simple to use and encourage a sales team to interact with it because it is enjoyable and makes their lives easier. 


What Makes Leadtrekker The Best South African CRM System?


Leadtrekker is a CRM software in South Africa designed especially for the South African market. Leadtrekker, as a sales management software company, developed its platform with the needs of South African businesses in mind.

Here are a few reasons why Leadtrekker stands out as the best CRM software in South Africa:


Secure, cloud-based platform


Data in any company is extremely valuable for multiple reasons, so it’s imperative that it’s stored safely. Leadtrekker offers a safe platform that can be customised with specific permissions between teams or individual users. It acts as a secure database for all information that it automatically captures, as well as any information added manually by users.


Easy Website Integration


Leadtrekker can be easily integrated with websites and landing pages, making it quick to get started. Once a free demo has been done, Leadtrekker can be easily integrated by your team or by the expert Leadtrekker team, depending on your requirements. Training is then offered to ensure that all users can benefit from Leadtrekker’s features effectively.


Affordable CRM Software


Leadtrekker has an obligation-free monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any point. It works on a pay-per-user system at only R 220 per user per month, with no credit card required to test the software.


Efficient Activity Management


Leadtrekker has features that include reminders, automatic responses, automatic assignments, notifications and more. Each feature ensures that leads are never forgotten or falling through the cracks.


Leadtrekker has all the basic features required in functional CRM software in South Africa; however, it is also equipped with all the additional features that allow for true customer relation support and improvement. 

To learn more about what Leadtrekker can offer your business, contact our team or book a free demo!

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